Chase Bliss Releases Mood, a Looper/Delay Made With OBNE and Drolo

Before we get into too many specifics, it should be known that Chase Bliss says the new Mood granular micro-looper and delay pedal is "designed to be playful and immediate." Though there are nearly endless options to stretch, change, modulate, and harmonize your incoming signal, there are many intuitive settings you can easily explore before diving into its complexities.

The Mood is the result of a collaboration between Chase Bliss, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, and the Belgium-based Drolo. Its two channels allow your audio to travel back and forth between them in one of three different routing options.

Drolo's micro-loopers let you record and instantly playback full phrases or freeze granular moments in time. OBNE's spatial effects add a range of delays and reverbs. And the pedal's clock control can switch between channels at various speeds or in harmonized steps, allowing you to create melodic sequences or soundscapes from looped phrases, reverb tails, and more.

The OBNE channel includes modes for atmospheric reverbs, looping delays, and Slip mode that can produce everything from granular samples to longer delays. The Drolo FX offers an always-recording micro-looper. Even when not engaged, you can turn it on to hear the last phrase you played. Its includes modes for Tape, Ramp (or Mix), Stretch, and Env, which lets you create stutters and freeze notes.

From there—as is Chase Bliss' way—you can use an array of dip switches or MIDI to create and trigger presets, change parameters, and otherwise explore all the possibilities the pedal provides.

To hear just some of what the Mood can do, check out our video above. Find your Mood on Reverb here.

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