Can You Help Identify the Mystery Rocker Found Inside an Old Korg Poly 800?

Like finding an old postcard in the pages of a tattered paperback, sometimes a used piece of music gear includes an odd memento of the past. This was the case when Redditor brickmaj recently picked up a Korg Poly 800 and DX7 off of Craigslist.

When opening the Poly for an initial inspection, brickmaj found a picture of a blonde '80s rocker. The image has Japanese written on the back and appears to have been cut out from a magazine. As of now, no one has been able to correctly ID the leather-clad frontman, but as one commentator quipped: "From Poly-800 manual: 'Do not remove photograph from inside synth, unit cannot function without it.'"

This synth mystery has gotten the best of our imagination here at Reverb, and so we're posing it to you, our readers: does anyone know who this enigma of a hair metal singer is? Let us know in the comments.

To see the original post and comments, check out this thread on Reddit.

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