Boss Announces New DD-8 & DD-3T Digital Delay Pedals

In a dual announcement that both announces a new arrival in one of the company’s effects lines and revives one of its icons, pedal powerhouse Boss announced the DD-8 and DD-3T Digital Delays this morning.

Hot on the heels of the big-box DD-500, the DD-8 is billed as "the most wide-ranging and feature-rich BOSS compact series delay ever." It infuses the company's familiar stompbox format with a formidable 11 modes, which could be seen as an answer to recent small-box multi-mode delays like the EHX Canyons.

Boss DD-8 announcement video.

As the successor to the DD-7, the DD-8 comes packed with familiar features like digital repeats and shimmer, with additions like three new modes—Warm +RV (delay+reverb), and GLT (rhythmic delay)—up to 10 seconds of delay time, mono/stereo operation, and an onboard looper with up to 40 seconds recording and overdubs.

Boss DD-3T announcement video.

The DD-3T revitalizes the 1986 classic in a faithful reproduction, with a few key changes that should delight today’s players. An added tap tempo function (hence the “T” in “DD-3T”) is front and center, which can be accessed by holding the stomp or connecting an external footswitch. A reconfigured direct output jack for easier connections is also on deck in this reissue.

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