Boss Announces CE-2 Chorus Reissue as Part of Waza Craft Series

Two days ahead of Summer NAMM 2016 in Nashville, Boss has announced the latest addition to their boutique-minded Wazacraft series: the CE-2W Chorus. Though not a straight reproduction of the original CE-2, the CE-2W captures the tones of the original with an added stereo output. This new Waza pedal also includes a mode that more directly channels the earlier CE-1 which combines the classic chorus sound with a vibrato-like effect.

Originally released in 1976, the large box CE-1 Chorus was the first chorus pedal ever released and brought the spacey sounds of Roland's JC-120 amp to a stompbox format. The circuit was repackaged into one of Boss' compact enclosures as the CE-2 in 1979. These pedals earned a spot as one of the default sounds of '80s guitars, and can be heard on parts from such '80s icons as Robert Smith and Andy Summers.

This release marks the latest in the Waza Craft series which seeks to bring classic Boss tones to more modern pedal designs. Given the oft-mentioned revival of chorus sounds in contemporary pop music, the CE-2W is an absolute no brainer release for the world's most popular pedal brand.

Take a look at the video below for a sample of the CE-2W in action.

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