Gallery: The Wildest Gear on Reverb's Instagram

If you’ve ever spent a day perusing the instruments and gear listed on Reverb, you’ve seen some amazing, unique, and often ludicrous things available to purchase. We know you don’t have that kind of leisure time every day, so to make your life easier (but just as joyous), Reverb’s Instagram account is a carefully curated collection of the listings we love best.

This week, we hit a milestone of 500K followers on Instagram. And to commemorate the occasion (and to thank you for helping us get there), we’ve created a list of yearbook-style superlatives, based on the posts you’ve liked best over the past few years.

Most Popular (Yes, They're Both Modded '80s Toys)

Best Instrument Made of Garbage

Most Re-Grammable Celebrity Hand

Most Untouchable Video

Weirdest Fender

Coolest Fender

Crazzzzziest Gibson

Most Haunting Internet Legend

Most Instagram-Ready Guitar Photography

Biggest Liar

Tastiest Guacamole

Seussiest Drum Kit

Best Product Placement

Freakiest Listing

Heaviest Tone

Loudest Nerds

Worst Caption Pun

Worst Caption Pun (Holiday Edition)

First/Last Attempt at Referencing The Bachelorette

Coolest Magnifying Glass

Goodest Doggo

Cutest Cat

GAS-iest Child

Synthiest Succulents

Nicest Rug

Yellowest Submarine

Purplest Pants

Most Breathtaking Studio

Friendliest Face

Most Confusing Celebrity Portrait

Most Exciting Celebrity Comment

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