Bass Walk of the Week: Constructing Arpeggiated Lines

In previous episodes of our Walk of the Week series, Jake Hawrylak has taught us famous bass lines from titans of low-end like Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, and Steve Swallow. Today, Jake takes a different approach—sharing instead how to construct a type of arpeggiated walk that can be applied to any number of songs.

The idea revolves around major key ii-V-I chord progressions, playing each separate note of the chords (along with some passing notes) to bring a swinging movement from one to the next. Jake first demonstrates the walk by playing a progression from an F minor 7th to a Bb dominant 7th to an Eb major 7th.

As Jake says in the video above, "What's great about this lick is you can keep it going," cycling back to the F, or starting and ending at Eb, or taking the walk in a brand new direction by going to C instead.

The pattern follows closely to the pentatonic scale and is easily transposable—meaning you can replicate the pattern in any major key anywhere on the fretboard, so long as you adhere to the ii-V-I progression. It's a great line to learn for bassists who may just be getting into jazz.

Be sure to watch the full video above, and check back next Wednesday for our next installment of Walk of the Week.

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