Ask Reverb: Hagstrom, Kubicki, and a Craviola

It's been a little while since the the last Ask Reverb post, but that doesn't the cool guitars have stopped rolling in. Today we're looking at a hot pink Kubicki bass, a '70s Hagstrom, and Giannini Craviola.

Got gear questions of your own? Send them over to Ask Reverb with pictures and we'll try to get them up in the next Ask Reverb post.


I have a 1989 Fender Custom Shop Kubicki X-Factor in excellent condition. It is a 24 year old instrument with some normal fading of the maple neck and slight cracking in the paint. It's what I've been told is a rare Raspberry color (guess it doesn't matter if it's rare, you either like it or you don't). What's it worth? -- Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing. As you may know the Kubicki Factor basses were originally built independently by Phil Kubicki, but a licensing agreement with Fender shifted production to the Custom Shop between 1988 and about 1992. Kubicki actually had an older relationship with Fender, having worked under Roger Rossmeisl in the Fender acoustic division in the '60s before starting his own shop.

Now there is definitely a wide price range for these resale, and you see them go from around $1700 to upwards of $2800 in really mint condition. Since yours is a rarer finish, I think a good asking price would be in the $2500 range. Sadly, Phil Kubicki passed away earlier this year, but that has sparked something of a growing interest in his work.


I was curious of the value of my Hag? I did some minor cosmetic mods to it but saved all original parts so one can bring it back to original. The condition of this instrument is good to very good. Purchased from the original owner. Thanks!


Thanks for reaching out. Usually a '70s Swede will sell for around $800 to $1000 if it's in really great condition. Some minor mods will decrease the value a bit, but if its reversible, probably not too much. You might consider trying to revert the guitar back to its original specs prior to selling it. If you go that route, I'd recommend having it done by a pro and getting a setup while you're at it. That way you can throw a 'recently setup by a pro' in your listing.


I have a vintage Craviola that I am interested in getting a little more information about. Do you have any idea of what it is worth? I've seen them online for almost 2K. The inside of the guitar has Model Crav 6N. Tranquillo Giannini S.A. Made in Brazil-- Josh

Hi Josh,

Oh man, I've always wanted to play one of these! Usually you see older model Giannini's selling for just around $400 to $500. I really dig the multi-colored wood on the back of yours, which could increase your asking price a tad. I believe the higher-priced examples you have seen are more recent productions that other companies have put out. Given the model number on yours though, this is definitely from the '70s so will likely stick in the lower range.

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