Arturia Enters Eurorack Space with RackBrute Cases

Arturia announced today the release of the two new Eurorack cases: the RackBrute 3U and RackBrute 6U. This news follows the announcement of the Arturia MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S earlier this week.

Arturia RackBrute 3U

While many of Arturia's synths and controllers—including the updated MiniBrutes—are Eurorack compatible via CV and gate connections, these cases mark the first specifically Eurorack product that the French music tech company has produced.

The new cases include power supplies for Eurorack modules, and are also connectable to the new MiniBrute synth via a mounting system dubbed "Arturia Link." According to Arturia, " more and more synth designers and modular-makers adopt the Link system, your creative possibilities will skyrocket."

Arturia announces MiniBrute 2 EcoSystem (MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S, RackBrute 3U/6U)

The 3U RackBrute model is designed with 88HP total width with 83HP available when the power supply module is connected. The 6U version comes in at 176HP total width with 171HP of available space beyond the power supply module. The 3U version will reportedly cost £240, while the 6U will cost £330.

Does this new case set the stage for some manner of Eurorack module from Arturia in the future? We'll be interested to find out.

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