Reverb Artist Shop Preview: Russian Circles

Russian Circles formed as an instrumental trio back in 2004 (naming themselves after an ice hockey drill) and worked their way from opening band to a post-metal headliner that tours internationally and leads festivals. Check out guitarist Mike Sullivan walk through the gear they are selling on Reverb in the video above.

1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Used on the Enter and Station albums. Never toured. Heavy but comfortable.

Gibson ’57 Reissue Les Paul Custom

Mike's main touring guitar. Also used to record the Empros, Geneva and Memorial albums.

1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gorgeous aged autumnal finish. Swapped-in 490r/498t pickups. Toured Europe in 2016 and turned heads.

1974 Gibson SG Custom

Mike's personal workhorse. Never toured or recorded with Russian Circles. The sort of relic job only sweat, years of playing and old mods can produce.

Gibson 335s Silverburst

Rare solidbody 335 model. Uncommon finish. Unique aftermarket humbuckers with independent kill switches.

Sunn Model T Reissue Head

Late-'90s, Fender-era reissue. Tubes and pots are good, despite being used on multiple albums and tours. Amps don't get used this much unless they're special.

Fender ProSonic Combo

One of Mike's personal amps. Not used on any Russian Circles tours or albums.

Roland RS-09

Used by bassist Brian Cook to record the album Station. His settings are still marked in green tape.

Emperor Guitar Cabs

Several of these will be for sale. Used on Memorial on toured from '12 to '16.

Emperor Bass Cab

Along with the guitar cabs, these are great examples of the Chicago-based company's artistry and quality.

To learn more about Russian Circles and their latest album, Guidance, check out our article below and find them on Facebook.


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