Eight Outrageous Guitar Faces

It takes a lot to be a guitar legend. It takes years of practicing to master the instrument, and countless hours agonizing in a studio to find just the right tone. And, apparently, it takes the ability to accentuate your playing with a totally outrageous facial gestures.

Here are eight of the best.

Steve Vai

This impressive solo features Steve playing his 3-neck guitar, and a set of coordinated facial movements that's a solo in its own right. Not only can you hear the onslaught of notes, you can see them on Steve's face.

Gary Moore

In this video, not only is Gary's face all-in, but at times it appears his guitar threatens to take flight and pull his entire body along with it. When it comes to combining big bends and backarches, Gary is a true master.

John Mayer

John Mayer is something of a polarizing figure within the guitar community. Some see him as the second coming of Clapton, while others think of him as a guy who titled a song "Your Body is a Wonderland." Either way, we can all agree though that his guitar faces certainly count as outrageous. Check out the tight-lipped head bobbing action.

Zakk Wylde

Tony Iommi may have revolutionized the genre and Randy Rhoads may have had more developed sense of melody, but it's Zakk Wylde who takes the guitar face prize among Ozzy backers. It's a bit hard to see Zakk Wylde's face behind that mane of supremely well-conditioned hair, but take a close look at this video. He's got it.


Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen is the quintessential '80s guitar god and it's only right that his guitar face is on par with his status. With Eddie, it isn't about the outlandishness of his faces, its more about the attitude.

Angus Young

Angus Young's particular blend of strained facial expressions have helped AC/DC rock stages for four decades. Young's guitar face is about as closely associated with him as the school boy cap and Gibson SG.

Paul Kossoff

Interest in the work of Free guitarist Paul Kossoff has been on the rise ever since the Gibson Custom Shop gave his Les Paul a high-end reissue a couple years back. As this impassioned solo shows, his guitar face deserve as much renewed attention as his bluesy playing.

Bruce Springsteen

The Boss' career has been basically one long look of anguish. Sure, most of his scowls are part of his fervent singing style, but I figure it's still enough to merit inclusion in the list.

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