4 Hilarious Gear-Related Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Because it's April Fools' day, we're going to use this as an opportunity to share the work of folks who are consistently good at being funny in the music gear arena. Specifically, we're taking a quick turn to Instagram with a look at four of our favorite novelty gear handles, from the classic to the absurd to the slightly more absurd, and beyond.

Follow these Instagram accounts for a steady stream of mild chuckles and follow us too if you're not already doing so at @reverb. Have some other hilarious Instagram accounts in your feed? Let us know in the comments.

Plainly put, @bandmemes666 is an account that creates and shares memes about playing in bands and being into gear. Honestly, it'd be a disservice to explain it any further than thatβ€”just take a glance through the feed and you'll get a pretty immediate read on how you feel about this style of humor. Bonus points for their occasional nod to our man Andy.

@ReverbWTF is an account dedicated to sharing screenshots of the strangest, most bewildering, and most jarringly overpriced listings on Reverb. For a while, we thought this account was secretly maintained by one of our listings standards team members as an outlet to share the wackiest stuff to come across their monitors, but that does not appear to be the case. We're big fans of this account. When looking at posts from @ReverbWTF, we just ask that you keep in mind that we here at Reverb HQ are not the ones who determine pricing on individual listings on the site.

@rigsofdad is an account devoted to poking fun at, well, dads and their rigs. Namely, the focus this account has honed in on is a particular stereotype of an American weekend warrior, armed with Peavey amps, pointy guitars, fedoras, and cargo shorts. It'd be safe to say that while this account is largely making fun of this breed of musician, it's clearly done from a place of love.

And in closing, we give you an oldie but a goodie: cats on synthesizers in space. The concept here is pretty straightforward. There are pictures of cats atop synths superimposed on outer space backdrops. This handle, and really this whole concept, has been a mainstay of online synth culture for awhile now, but still offers a worthwhile follow.

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