3rd Power Amplification Show Off Its New MagFrag Pickups and Roosevelt Drive Pedal

Things are heating up here at the NAMM show in Nashville at the 3rd Power Amplification booth, where we were shown its new pickups and a fresh overdrive pedal.

What's cool about the MagFrag pickups is in the design. Historically, as Cole explains, pickups are comprised of a single magnet that lays over all of the strings. But the MagFrag is comprised of multiple magnets for different sets and pairs of strings. This doesn't result in an EQ change or a difference in high– or low–end, but rather a spike in the clarity and definition of the humbucker itself.

Joe also got to demo a little bit of 3rd Amplifcation's new transparent overdrive pedal, the Roosevelt. Check out the video above to see these new innovations in action.

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