20 Guitars with Totally Unprecedented Body Shapes on Reverb Right Now

Stratocasters, Telecasters, semi-hollow 335s—when we imagine an “electric guitar,” these ubiquitous body shapes are what immediately come to mind. Though pioneered by particular companies, countless big and boutique brands alike have been consistently adapting these shapes for ages, which has lent to such universal familiarity.

But what of the body shapes that don’t come to mind right away? The outlandish one-offs hand-carved by ambitious luthiers, or the oddball offerings from bigger brands trying to separate themselves in a crowded market? While perhaps not the first to come to mind, these shapes too can leave long-lasting impressions.

We searched the pages of Reverb today and found 20 of the coolest guitars with unprecedented body shapes listed on the site right now. Scroll below to check them out, and click any of the pictures to be taken to the listing.

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