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Really torn on selling this as it is an extremely creative and great sounding module but I just don't have room for it in my rack. Module lived in a professional working studio and is in great shape, has minor rack rash. Comes with the resist patching expander and the complete plug-in cards for it along with plenty of jumper cables.

Words from the manufacturer....

"Matter" is drum wave synthesis. While it could simply be called a drum synthesizer, the method of play is designed equally as much to make the all-analog drum-based synthesis playable as waves as it is to make triggerable drum sounds. This means Matter can take a "kick" oscillator, for example, and use it to generate a bassline, a "snare" can create washes of noise with peaking resonance, and so on. This allows for a very broad complexity of rhythm because triggering is not confined to a single point. That said, this module specializes in clicks and cuts style beats - little clicky sounds - and by contrast, abstract sound scapes.

Matter is also very capable of generating complex drone and rich synthesis and does not need to be used as a drum synth at all. It utilizes the same analog synthesis as Materia which means it also works with aspects of deductive synthesis where noise and sound is "patched out".

Like most future Eurorack modules by Folktek, Matter utilizes an onboard patch system with its own patch cables (supplied). The purpose for this is to allow for more possibility while keeping things compact. With future add-ons, use of the patchbay will be optional and interchangeable. In this case, Matter has two primary patchbays (1-10 and 11-20 (incorrectly labeled 10-20)) which represent controllable access points within the circuitry for cv or gate signals to be applied (Each cv input has an led for voltage visualization). 20 access points each doubled for stacking input or creating direct patches. Up to a total of 8 cv/gate input jacks and an additional modulation cv/gate input are jumpered by the player to the main patchbay to generate sound. Hard patches (direct point to point) can be used to create layers, trigger multiple oscillators, generate drone and permanently alter the sound shape, filter or resonance.

Once a jumper patch is set up, it does not need to be's completely optional - each cv/gate input will be dedicated to a trigger. Cv/gate inputs can change and the trigger points will remain.

Because the inputs are jumperable, they can also be used in a variety of different ways other than direct cv triggering.

= Sound can be sent in to a few points on the Matter circuitry where it uses some of the pathways of filtration, overload and distortion.

= External audio or cv signals can be jumpered through the modulation.

Aside from the primary synthesis, Matter also has vactrol-based sine modulation which can be used in a number of ways;

  • External audio can be patched into "mod trig cv" which sends the audio through the vactrol modulation. That audio can then be jumpered into the circuitry where it will be filtered, distorted or effected in any number of ways. Or, for a clean modulation the audio can be jumpered to another jack and output.

  • Matter audio output can be sent through the modulation and jumpered to a new jack.

  • External cv can be patched to the "mod trig cv" jack and jumpered to the main patchbay to have a modulated cv signal activating the synthesis. Or likewise, the cv signal can be jumpered to a jack to simply pass through the vactrol modulation.

  • Mod cv out outputs the modulation control voltage independant of the vactrol.

Modulation has speed control dial, cv speed (vactrol), input ("mod trig cv" vactrol) and cv out.

resistance module for use with Folktek Matter and Conduit

Resist is currently available exclusively via
Resist is a simple module - 4 buffered potentiometers (knobs) which are routed to 4 different corresponding 3 point headers. Essential added control for any current or future Folktek module utilizing the header patchbay.


With Matter, Resist changes the game completely, adding a whole world of possibilities and expanding the sound and play-ability exponentially:

  • Use the jumpers to attenuate incoming CV/gate by jumping from the CV in on Matter to Resist and then to the main 1-20 patchbay. With the simple attenuation, aspects of Matter have much more control - changes in pitch, filtering, resonance etc. over sounds that were once much more static. Send the CV to the center of the header and send two jumpers to the main 1-20 patchbay and there begins to form a matrix, thereby deepening the sound. Jump one of the points already in Resist to another header, on to the main 1-20 and it goes deeper still...

  • Direct jumping from the Matter main patchbay to Resist allows Matter to become a controllable drone synth as pitch, filter, resonance, noise controls all become possible.

  • Add a CV sequence to an established drone by jumping into Matter CV in and develop rich, synchronized sequenced drone.


  • Jump oscillations from Conduit to Resist and back to Conduit and there are now level controls for the oscillations.

  • Attenuate incoming CV controlling vactrols to adjust power and intensity.

  • Attenuate oscillations jumped to the delay input (which will also add control over the envelope follower (cv out)

  • Jump Conduit oscillations or delay out first to Resist, then to Matter to control Conduit levels in Matter circuitry.

Folktek Matter Plug-in Card Set 1

The Folktek Matter plug-in card set alters the functionality of their Matter module, opening up the floodgates to unchartered realms of creativity and expression. To use the cards, plug them into Matter’s insert headers, then insert one into the card slot. Despite being unlabeled, a few of the trigger points function as audio points for internal manipulation options. This first set features the primary plug alongside seven cards.

Matter Plug-in Card Set Features
  • Card 1 = SootUnadulterated Drone with four knobs to control the function. Cv input over one oscillation.
  • Card 2 = GranulesConverts Matter back into headers (This is great because with multiple "granules" cards, you can create your own presets). This also eliminates the need to unplug the main plug-in to get back into direct point to point patching.
  • Card 3 = PebblesSolder pads of all points to create your own preset function by simple point to point connection.
  • Card 4 = ConduitAll touch - designed to allow the touch points (harmonic oscillations) of the front touch panel for Conduit to play through the player and into Matter. This utilizes the internal filtering, drive and amplitude of Matter to manipulate the oscillation travelling through the body of the player.
  • Card 5 = MossReal dirty resonant filtering of external signals - two inexact filter shape knobs and a level knob.
  • Card 6 = SandDirects specific 8 patch points to jacks and adds 4 knobs to control the triggered sounds.
  • Card 7 = DustDirects specific 8 patch points to jacks and add 3 knobs to control the triggered sounds.

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