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Trip Hazard 1 Fuzz 2015

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Trip Hazard Guitar Pedals
Enid, OK, United States

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The Trip Hazard 1 features an NTE109 germanium diode paired with a 1N914 silicon diode in the opposing direction. Clipping occurs on the top and the bottom of the waveform but with a slight asymmetry, due to the different diodes.

The Trip Hazard 1 can be powered by 9v battery or with a standard center pin-negative 9v DC power supply*. A red LED will light up when the effect is engaged.

*Trip Hazard pedals utilize a rail splitter for precise bipolar supply voltages. This means that if an external power supply is used to power the pedal, its negative rail will not be ground but -4.5v. If using a pedal board-type power supply for multiple pedals, it must have isolated grounds on its outputs.

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