This pedal combines two circuits. One vintage, highly overpriced, but also one of the most important circuit designs in pedal history, the Univox super fuzz. The second, is one of the most common, staple fuzz boxes, and also one of the most important circuit designs in history, the Big Muff.

Yes, it’s a big muff and a super fuzz in one box.

I can’t really explain just how awesome this fuzz box is, you get two completely unique tones out of it.

The big muff is great because it’s a strange mix of distortion and fuzz, it’s really neither, but also technically both. The real genius of it, is the tone control. There’s a high pass on one side, and a low pass on the other and the tone knob is used to blend the two filters as the user pleases. This results in one side being super smooth, bassy, and hi cut, while the other side is all high end, and low cut. While the middle is a mix of both. It’s the greatest one knob tone control that has ever been invented.

The big muff is also the poster child for the “wall of fuzz” sound. So much gain on tap, and really makes guitars roar.

Then there is the super fuzz. The reason this circuit is so important, is because it set the stage for my favorite fuzz circuit of all time, the Boss FZ2. It also is the heart of the thirdman records bumble buzz, only the bumble buzz is a stripped down version.

In my opinion as a tone sorcerer, the Univox super fuzz is the best octave up fuzz sound out there. The other great part is that there’s two modes, a scooped, and full mode, so you can get two completely different sounds, in one circuit.

In my experience, the Univox super fuzz is a bit weak on its own. It’s pretty low gain, and low output which is a common problem of vintage fuzz boxes. To solve this issue, incorporated a boost stage at the output, so you have the tone of the super fuzz, but you have a modern gain range and output.


Hello space voyager. Need something a little gazey?

Something that will have you gazing at your shoes, with bright, fluorescent pink and purple vibrations flowing all around.

Well, there will be a slight delay.

But one that is not minded.

I designed this one for shoegazers in mind, but really, any noise maker, space sound, or fuzz delay enthusiast will enjoy this one.

This circuit is a fuzz delay.

The delay side is a modulated one, but it’s voiced for more spacey sounds. The LFO Is pretty tweakable, as there is a knob to shape the waveform from smooth, to stuttery, glitchy, and alien sounding.

Engage/disengage the fuzz into the delay circuit by using the toggle switch.

The fuzz is very fuzzy by nature. It is a bit gated, and spitty, and complements the delay perfectly.

For my needs, I like having one footswitch for both, so if I needed a fuzz and delay at the same time, it’s there, instead of having to stomp on two footswitches (that always used to mess me up during live performances) however, it can be modified for a second footswitch for the fuzz, if you want one.

Vast Waters

Travel the open, vast waters, guitar in hand, watery sounds abroad.

 This chorus, is my if you could only have one chorus for the rest of your life, which would it be? This one.

The amount of sounds in this one box is simply crazy. Calling it, just a chorus, isn’t quite right. It’s another one of those sonic portals I am always rambling about. because it really is, it’s a sonic portal to the mysteries and sounds of the great, vast ocean. The shallow part, the deep part, the scary parts, and the beautiful parts.

It’s got your standard depth, intensity, and rate.

The three that need explaining, are the shape, animate, and dimension controls.

The shape, changes the chorus from a smooth sine wave modulation to a square wave choppy, much more jell-o like modulation. 

The dimension, adds in what is best described as reverb/delay. Its pretty awesome, you can set the controls in a way where this pedal can become a super lofi reverb.  

The animation makes the chorus much more swingy, animated, warped, and warbly. It changes the nature of the chorus entirely.


If you decide to purchase, please allow for a few days for me to ship, especially if ordering Friday- Sunday. I travel back and forth from San Diego to Orange County constantly.

Welcome to Twilight Zone Electronics.

I welcome you to use these sonic devices to summon realms of vibrations only available through my hand created devices. Each piece is entirely unique in its own way, both aesthetically and sound wise. While I may reuse certain sounds or circuits, I strive to make changes and unique variations whenever possible, whether it be trying different transistors, resistor or capacitor values, or new diode combinations.

Same goes with the color ways, I may reuse certain ideas or methods, but I strive to make variation so that every piece is truly unique. 

My mission here is not to simply make a guitar pedal, but to make a piece of art both aesthetically and most importantly, sonically and audibly. I wish to create devices that represent ideas, essences, and sounds that transport you to a certain space/feeling/dimension. Something that, at a click of a button, causes an entire energy shift. That electric feeling between you and your guitar, and the flow of vibrations from the guitar to the amp.

I emphasize on creative ideas, playing and experimenting with sounds and circuits that create interesting relationships.They’re all ideas in my head, and I love offering people things that they will love and play. I instill spirit within these electronics so that the player can be inspired in a way that brings out that sweet mojo every musician has deep down inside.

Take your tone to the twilight zone. 


My name is Adrian Amador, these are all handmade by me in California. I am a 22 year old college student studying electrical engineering.

I have a strong passion for music, and that’s manifested in electronics. I love repairing, modding, creating, and innovating audio circuits. This is really a dream come true for me to do this work. I have worked extremely hard, made tons of errors, and learned many lessons, in order to do this work.

I am one person doing the graphic design, circuit board design, PCB preparation, enclosure drilling, painting, assembly, logistics, customer service, and social media.


I will ship with signature required to quality for reverbs safe shipping, they insure me well in case a pedal gets lost or damaged during shipment. 

If this is an issue, let me know and I will bypass the signature requirement, but requesting this, you release me of any liability of any mishap that may happen during shipping. 99% of time, shipments go off without a hitch. Some people have issues with USPS making no attempt to obtain a signature, therefore not even making a delivery attempt.

I make sure to really really pack the pedals securely, to minimize the chance of damage by USPS.


If you’re a bassist, and want a demo, let me know and I can make one for you. I am a bassist as well as guitarist, and use all my pedals on bass. They all work equally well on bass as they do on guitar.

DM me before buying if you play bass and I can tell you if it’s possible to build a bass optimized version of a circuit is possible, or it is completely unnecessary.


I price based on a few factors; cost of parts (some pedals utilize hard to source parts or expensive parts), the quality of the finish (I examine the paint and coating and will take the finish and overall look of the pedal into the price), and lastly, cost of labor (some pedals have a high part count and are particularly labor intensive)


 I have to do all my painting and coating outdoors so naturally, the finishes will be imperfect. I mean seriously, all my pedals will have cosmetic blemishes, some not noticeable to the naked eye, some very prevalent. Please expect this. My main focus is on delivering you an amazing sound, the aesthetic is a close second, but still second priority.

It’s not possible to get a factory perfect finish, I do not yet have the space or equipment for that (one day my friends, one day.)

I really do try to get them as clean and blemish free as possible, but I do take the factor of the quality of the finish into the price, and do my best to document all enclosures in the photos.

Certain pedals that are apart of my lineup, and pedals I strongly believe in will occasionally get professional UV printed graphics and professional factory finish powder coats. These you can expect minimal blemishes from.

I use clear coat for graphics and any spray painted pedals and you may notice some small indentations especially in the backplate, this happens over time when a pedal sits on something not perfectly flat. It’s just the nature of the clear coat, it seems to mold to anything that applies hard or long term pressure to it. 

I offer significant discounts if any of my pedals have more than reasonable cosmetic blemishes.

AS OF NOVEMBER 2023 I WILL BE PAINTING 95% of PEDALS WITH POWDER COAT INSTEAD OF SPRAY PAINT- this creates a much smoother finish, more professional product, with less imperfections and a larger variety of finish options. This finish is much, much more durable than spray paint, and won’t scratch or chip as easy. 

I AM STILL VERY NEW TO POWDER COATING, it is a totally different beast and a process I have to refine and get better at, so expect some imperfections at first. As time goes on I’ll get better. 

The sides in particular are very tricky to get right with certain finishes.

Also note, that I am using a cheap small toaster oven to cure the powder, which may result in a smoother face, but an orange peel texture side (certain powders do this more than others, and some powders this is not an issue at all)


My pedals are not designed for use with batteries, only by an external DC power supply. If requested, I can possibly make custom pedals that fit batteries but they will be one size up of a box to accommodate for a battery. 

All pedals are center negative 9v unless stated. Never use anything over 9v as you can blow everything in the power rail of the circuit. 

Very select pedals I offer will be able to run at 18v and will be specified in the description if that is the case. Never assume a pedal can safely run 18v.


Many power supplies have 9v-18v switches that can easily get knocked into 18v by mistake.


First off, I love my customers. You guys mean the world to me, I will always be around to answer any questions you may have or help you out as much as I can. I love feedback, negative, positive, I’m open to hearing it.

Electronically and function wise I always hold on to pedals for a while and use them to make sure no problems arise, and are never sold faulty. I ALWAYS do a final test playing the pedal, inspecting, and tightening all nuts and bolts before shipping a pedal out to ensure everything is fully working and prepared for long term use.

If one ever stops working, feel free to message me and I will either fix it, or replace the entire circuit, unless it looks like it’s been attempted to be modded, or has been abused more than necessary.

This is really is not a concern of mine. I always extensively test and examine the circuits to ensure they function and will last for years. I do use a lot of solder on the components to ensure a high quality, extremely durable connection.

Once a pedal is bought and out of my hands, I am unable to accept returns, these pieces help fund my costs of living, and help me expand my business so I can pursue growth. These electronics help me provide housing, food, tuition, and more for myself. Most importantly, almost every purchase goes instantly back into experimenting with new designs, more supplies, or growing this business.

If you read the entire thing, thank you and have an amazing week. If you decide to pull the trigger on one of these devices, I always ask that the user play like their life depends on it. I want to help musicians create something meaningful in this world.

I chose to dedicate my life to music, to help pursue the advancement and evolution, of the sonic vibrations that make this world go round.

I know I’m not alone when I say music has an impact, that cannot be described in words.

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