Key Features
  • 30+ Audio, Mixing & Mastering Plug-Ins
  • Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced
  • R4, Nectar 3 Plus, RX 9 Standard, Nimbus
  • Neoverb, Stutter Edit 2, Vocal Synth 2
  • Insight 2, Tonal Balance Control 2

The Music Production Suite 4.1 Audio Plug-In Bundle from Izotope includes over 30 audio plug-ins to help you complete a wide array of audio mixing and mastering tasks on your Mac or Windows computer. The bundle offers a substantial savings over the cost of buying the plug-ins on an individual basis.

Note: This upgrade pricing is for registered owners of any Izotope Advanced product.

iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced Mastering Software (Download)

Available for download, iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced is software designed for mastering music, providing many modules for the task. The software builds upon the offerings of previous iterations with visual improvements, CPU optimizing, new modules, and new assistive options. The software allows you to create masters of your music in an intuitive, user-friendly manner.

Take the Master Rebalance Module, for instance. With tech borrowed from RX 7, this module intelligently grabs your bass, drums, or vocal parts and brings them up and down in level, depending on your settings. Now, you may not need to contact the mixing engineer when the bass part isn't loud enough—you can simply raise it up yourself.

Another new offering is the Low End Focus module, which uses proprietary processes to help you secure impact, translation, and a distinct absence of mud in the low end of your masters. Use this module to help the kick and bass play nicely together in a stereo track. 

You'll note that Match EQ has been broken out into its own module. It now sports more controls to help you get the most out of this process in every part of the frequency spectrum.

You'll find the Vintage mode in the Master Assistant useful, as it applies colorful strokes in the mastering process. Use the traditional Master Assistant to get you to the level you wish as transparently as possible, or choose the Vintage mode if the mix needs some more weight, vibe, or color. Then, tweak from there.

Included with Ozone 9 Advanced is an upgrade to the Tonal Balance Control plug-in. Tonal Balance Control 2 now comes with a far greater number of presets than the first version. It also lets you solo each individual band to home in on frequency issues.

As with the previous version, you'll find a reference section to load in your favorite referencing tracks. You'll also find dither options and be able to audition how the master sounds through various lossy codecs. 

Other tweaks have been made to existing modules under the hood, including performance enhancements, and, in the case of the Imager module, increased sonic transparency. You can now resize the GUI at will. This being the advanced version, you can break out any module you wish into its own plug-in, so if you only want to use the Master Rebalance function, you needn't load the whole suite.

The software is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats. It's now compatible with NKS supported environments as well.

New Features Master Rebalance Master Rebalance gives you the final say in a mix, letting you correct and change the levels of instruments without needing the original tracks. Give your vocals a small boost to add presence without affecting the midrange, or eliminate a muddy low end by slightly lowering the bass guitar. Correct weak-sounding drums, saving you from hours of EQ surgery. A well-balanced mix makes any mastering engineer's job easier. With Master Rebalance, you can nudge your sound in the right direction. Low End Focus Low End Focus is your first line of defense against a muddy or blurry low end in a mix. Using new processing designed to enhance bass sounds, this feature brings your low end into better focus and gives you a well-defined foundation for your track. Tame unruly or clashing kick drums and boomy bass guitars without changing the overall impact of your music, or get that extra bit of bass magic to put your track over the finish line. Go in-depth with surgical controls that let you shape your tone and timbre and bring out the best in your low end with no artifacts. EQ Match Ozone 9 brings the tone and vibe of your favorite artists to your music with the upgraded EQ Match. With this new module, you can conform to any reference track to a precise degree, with an EQ that uses over 8000 separate bands to give an accurate point of comparison. New region parameters now give you more control over the end result by letting you choose what parts of the audio to match. Capture a reference from a track in your session, or a reference file loaded into Ozone 9, and save your favorite results as presets for easy access. Vintage Assistive Technology The improved Master Assistant uses machine learning to give you a custom preset in seconds. Use the new Vintage mode to quickly add the right combination of color and character, with automatic adjustments for Vintage Compressor, EQ, Limiter, and more. Get a solid master in seconds while preparing your music for distribution with CD and streaming targets that intelligently set loudness for you. Or, load a reference track to have Master Assistant match the flavor and intensity of any audio you like. Get a head start on your master with the confidence that your music will sound great on any system. Native Instruments NKS Support NKS support puts Ozone directly into your creative production process. Easily access controls, presets, and DSP from within your NKS supported environment. Improved Features Improved Imager Module Transparently adjust your stereo image with powerful multiband controls and an improved Stereoize mode. Improved Performance Experience faster performance and smoother workflows improved visualizations and fluid metering. Tonal Balance Control 2 Tonal Balance Control is improved with smoother metering, resizability, new target curves, and inter-plug-in communication with Relay for quick and easy gain control across the mixing and mastering stages. iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced Channel Strip Software with Mix Assistant for Pro Audio Applications (Download)

Neutron 3 Advanced represents the next step forward in iZotope's channel-strip plug-ins, giving you the ability to balance your entire session in three clicks with the new Mix Assistant. As with previous iterations, you get an equalizer, a compressor, a transient shaper, an exciter, and other goodies from Neutron 2. But iZotope has brought a new module into the mix as well—a sweetening, tone-shaping module called Sculptor.

The modules offered in version 2 have been optimized to take as little CPU as possible. The GUI has seen an overhaul with a resizeable window as well as better control of the sliders than Version 2. The Masking Meter, which helps you identify and fix competing frequencies between two tracks, is now elegantly compacted into one, easy-to-understand window, with essential parameters like inverse link more readily available.

The most prominent additions to the Neutron platform are Mix Assistant and Sculptor. Through plug-in communication, the Mix Assistant can listen to all of the tracks in your mix and give you a static starting point. Use it at the beginning of the process: Simply place Neutron 3 or Relay on every track of your mix, run the Mix Assistant, choose the most prominent tracks when prompted (i.e., the vocal in a pop tune), and let Neutron handle all the busywork so you can get to the fun stuff.

Sculptor, on the other hand, is a sweetening, finalizing module that applies a comprehensive EQ, one that fluctuates in real-time, reacting to the track as it plays. It makes multiple dynamic choices per second. Use it to add both final polish and a creative emphasis to any track.

Neutron 3 Advanced is compatible with Mac and Windows computers and is available for download. It works in AU, AAX, and VST formats.

Mix Assistant Through inter-plug-in communication, Mix Assistant listens to your entire mix, communicating with every track in your session to give you a balanced starting point. This starting point is built around a focus of your choice. Neutron 3 listens to your session and makes decisions to give you a balanced mix—a jumping off point from which you can make creative decisions. Sculptor Module Select a desired style from the menu, and the algorithm shapes the tone to achieve an ideal balance for that instrument. Change the speed at which the process is applied, or change the overall tonality, highs, or lows. You can even set filter points, stopping all processing below or above your desired frequency. This can be useful for sculpting just the midrange of track or for excluding the treble to obviate any undue harshness. Breakout Plug-Ins Neutron Advanced comes with 8 individual module plug-ins, so if you only need the EQ or Sculptor, you can instantiate it without loading the compressor, transient shaper, etc. Each of the modules can be loaded independently. Improved Masking Meter With a convenient one-window display, smoother metering with more obvious parameters, Masking Meter is now even better at helping you find and fix the competing elements of your mix. Optimized Performance Insert more instances of Neutron in your session, open sessions faster, and forget about bouncing sessions for overdubs. Not only is Neutron faster at processing your audio, but your sessions with multiple Neutrons will open faster with refresh rates doubled for visualizations. Other Features at a Glance
  • Visual Mixer and iZotope Relay: Launch Mix Assistant directly from the Visual Mixer and move your tracks in a virtual space, tapping into iZotope-enabled inter-plug-in communication.
  • New EQ Functionality: EQ now has a Soft Saturation mode for a more analog feel and sound. 
  • Tonal Balance Control: Updated to support Neutron 3 to further help you shape a balanced mix.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound Support: 7.1 Surround and zero-latency mode in all 8 modules for professional, lightweight processing for audio post or surround music mixes. 
iZotope Exponential Audio R4 - Stereo Algorithmic Reverb for Pro Audio Applications (Download)

Available for download, Exponential Audio R4 from iZotope is an algorithmic reverb that provides a colorful sound, one suitable for music production and mixing. This reverb traces its lineage back to the classic Lexicon units of earlier ages, and you can hear that heritage in the reverb's sound. 

You'll also note the tweakable interface, with many different parameters in the Early Reflection, Reverb Attack, and Reverb Tail tabs. Use these sections to tailor the reverb perfectly for any given situation.

A Chorus section adds modulation, and you can separately dictate how the modulation effects the tails or early reflections on an individual bases. A Warp tab offers compression, overdrive, bit-reduction, and more. Use the Gate tab to create classic, gated reverb sounds, or automate the Freeze button to achieve momentary experimental sounds. 

Whether you're looking for halls, chambers, rooms, or plates, R4 has an algorithm for you. Browse through them all by keyword, or click the magnifying glass in the top right of the GUI to enter terms for the search. Over 1200 presets are provided in total.

This product is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms. It operates in AU, VST, and AAX formats. An iLok account is required for authorizing the plug-in, though an iLok key is not strictly necessary.

Key Features at a Glance
  • Lush stereo reverb algorithm
  • Warp controls with compression and overdrive
  • Create ambient drones and textures with Freeze
  • Tweakable Chorus tab for musical effects
  • Use Gate to duck reverb and create space in a mix
  • Predelay and reverb delay adjustable by tempo
  • Dynamic tail suppression to lower reverb in louder parts of mix
  • Clear, informative frequency display and responsive UI
  • Over 1200 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
  • EuControl support
iZotope Nectar 3 Plus Vocal Production Software (Download)

Polish your vocals to a professional sheen with iZotope Nectar 3 Plus, a downloadable plug-in designed for vocal mixing and production. Everything you need to process the human voice is here, from high-quality equalizers and compressors to modulation and time-based effects. No longer will you need to break out a vocal into parallel tracks or aux returns—now you can do it all in one intuitive yet powerful interface.

Nectar 3 Plus is a revamped version of Nectar 3, a plug-in venerated among top pros and aspiring amateurs alike for its ease of use and for its studio-quality sound. Chief among the improvements is an upgraded Virtual Assistant. Like many iZotope plug-ins, this software can analyze incoming audio and generate a custom-tweaked starting point for your mix. Nectar 3 Plus improves the Unmask Mode of the Virtual Assistant, giving you more control over how your vocal sits in the overall mix. Also, RX 8 Breath Control is now included, alongside Melodyne 4 Essentials for pitch correction.

Revamped Unmask Mode In larger mixes, vocals often compete with other instruments like guitars, pianos, and cymbals. Nectar 3 Plus helps you manage this problem with an improved Vocal Assistant Unmask Mode. This mode uses Inter-Plug-in Communication to help you place your vocal at the forefront of the mix. Now you can control the EQ on any clashing track, allowing you to scale back the amount of EQ for more subtlety, or engage in Dynamic and Sidechain modes for an EQ that responds dynamically to the vocal. Bread and Butter Tools for Vocal Processing
  • Shape your tracks with a comprehensive drag-and-drop EQ, one which can follow the harmonics in a vocal to automatically tamp down resonances or emphasize pleasant parts of the voice. This EQ can also be used in a dynamic mode for creative or tone-correcting effects.   
  • Balance your vocal level without pumping or other compression artifacts thanks to an exceedingly natural auto-level, which rides the vocal in a ±3 dB range of your selected target.
  • De-ess your vocals transparently with the De-esser module.
  • Add character-enhancing or dynamics-taming compression with a dedicated compression module, which has several selectable modes to model vintage or modern hardware.
  • Gate out extraneous noise with the gate.  
  • Use subtle automatic pitch correction, or dive in deeper with Melodyne 4 Essentials, included with Nectar 3 Plus.
  • Control stray breaths with RX 8's Breath Control Module.
Add Flavorful Flare
  • The Dimension module provides chorus, flanging, and more.
  • Reverb and Delay modules offer exciting and tweakable time-based effects. 
  • The Harmony module offers the ability to add up to 8 voices of harmony, which can be pitched up or down, at Unison for double tracking effects, or played through MIDI. The Harmony mode offers modulation over the pitch and speed of the additional harmonies, and you can pan them all on an easy-to-read GUI.
  • Add harmonic excitement to the vocals with Saturation.
iZotope RX 9 Standard Audio Restoration and Enhancement Software (Download)

Available for download, iZotope RX 9 Standard is the latest update to iZotope's audio repair software, which is considered a staple for recording, mastering, and audio-for-video postprocessing. The software can operate either as a standalone application or as a plug-in for both Mac- and Windows-based DAWs and NLEs. From fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings to repairing severely damaged audio using Spectral Repair, RX can transform previously unusable audio into something usable.

The standard edition of RX 9 features several new and updated modules and algorithms including Dynamic De-hum, Spectral Editor, Restore Selection, and an Expandable History List.

The dynamic mode in De-Hum instantly removes any amount of hum, interference, or wireless ring without artifacts or affecting the audio quality. In one pass, eliminate radio and transmitter interference, and camera and generator hum. In static mode, you can target hum with a fundamental hum frequency plus 16 harmonic bands above it, while dynamic mode allows you to learn and remove any amount of hum with up to 1024 dynamically variable notch filters.

For Logic users, the Spectral Editor allows you to clean up unwanted sounds directly within Logic without having to toggle between the RX Audio Editor and Logic Pro. It combines RX Spectral Repair, RX's spectrogram, and RX interactive tools that enable engineers and producers to identify and eliminate unwanted noises, from within Logic Pro.

Restore History allows you to roll back any audio selection to a previous step in your History list to get the best combination of audio processing form any point in time. This allows you to select a point in history for only the current selection. The History list has been expanded to 30 undo steps for quick reference.

Previous features are in place, including the Repair Assistant, multichannel support, high-quality resampling, dithering, and the Module Chain. In fact, the Module Chain now works hand in hand with an overhauled Batch Processor to make treating multiple files a painless, easy endeavor. As always, RX 8 can be used as a standalone audio editor (but connected to your host via RX Connect) or as your DAW's audio editor (such as in the case of Logic Pro), though much of it can be used as a suite of plug-ins.

New Modules and Features De-Hum Dynamic mode in De-hum instantly removes any amount of hum, wireless ring, or interference, without artifacts or affecting the audio quality. In one pass, eliminate radio and transmitter interference, camera and generator hum, and more.

In Static mode, you can target hum with a fundamental tone plus the 16 harmonic bands above it. In Dynamic mode, you can learn and remove any amount of hum with up to 1024 dynamically variable notch filters.

Restore Collection Roll back an audio selection to any previous step in your History list to get the best combination of audio processing from any point in time with the brand-new Restore Selection feature.

When hovering your cursor over an item in the History list with a selection made in the spectrogram, an icon appears in line with the text. Clicking this icon will restore your selection to that point in history. This is the same as going back to that point in undo history, except only for your current selection.

Spectral Editor in Logic Pro Spectral Editor allows Logic Pro users to put some of the most powerful iZotope processing and visualization to work without having to toggle between Logic and the RX Audio Editor. It combines RX Spectral Repair, RX's spectrogram, and RX interactive tools that enable engineers and producers to identify and eliminate unwanted noises—right in Logic. General Features Guitar De-Noise Guitar De-noise lets you refine your guitar recordings for maximum clarity. Manage sounds unintentionally emphasized by the effects of compression or limiting like electrical amp noise and interference, distracting fret or string squeaks, and harsh pick attacks. With intuitive sliders for sensitivity and gain reduction, polishing guitar performances for intelligibility and authenticity is now relatively easy and transparent. Loudness Control Prepare your recordings for final delivery with the detailed level readings and loudness-management power of the Loudness Control module. Load preset loudness-standard targets to ensure your audio conforms to broadcast requirements, and monitor your levels using the built-in numeric and histogram readouts for integrated, short-term, and momentary loudness. Plus, resize the module to fit your display perfectly and suit your unique workflow. 32-Tab Limit for Audio Tabs Time is precious when editing audio in post. To help you tackle more work faster, RX 8 doubles the previous 16-tab limit, now allowing you to view and edit up to 32 files within RX Audio Editor. Cover more ground in less time with greater efficiency and in-app real estate. Horizontal Scrolling Horizontal scrolling is now built into the intuitive Spectrogram Display. Use the scroll gesture on your trackpad or mouse with your cursor to scroll through your audio across the X-axis for lightning-fast edits. Improved De-Hum The De-hum module in RX 8 Elements uses an improved detection and reduction algorithm to automatically identify the base frequency of your unwanted hum and precisely remove it and its harmonics, ensuring a clean overall sound. For more complex hum and buzz removal, De-hum automatically recommends when to use De-noise instead, so you'll always have the best tool at hand for the job. Don't forget to use Adaptive mode to remove hum that changes in frequency over time. Improved Batch Processor Process several audio files in one pass with the newly overhauled Batch Processor. View pertinent metadata in your audio files prior to processing, then apply a full series of processors with the Module Chain, now accessible from within the Batch Processor interface. At the end of it all, export your files in multiple file formats and bit-depths for optimal efficiency and organization. This tool is ideal for refining hundreds of samples for custom-made sample libraries. Improved Music Rebalance Identify vocals

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