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For sale is this Epiphone Valve Jr combo amp w/ mods performed in June 2017 by Tennessee Amplifier Co. and a new Warehouse G8C 8" American Vintage speaker. Condition is Good; I've added more photos so as to accurately reflect the condition of the amp. A SoundCloud link to some tones from the amp is also now available. Sale includes amp w/speaker, and standard 3-prong power cable (not shown in pics).

Will ship via USPS Ground in the continental USA only.

More info on this amp and the mods ...

The back panel is missing some screws in the photos, but I do have all of the original screws and will ship them with the amp -- I just like being able to remove the back panel easily for sound purposes (I don't know if easy Open/Close was intended as a feature on this amp, but it does make a difference in the overall sound and volume, especially when you are using the amp for recording!).

The mods, installed by the incredible Mr. Jon Waldo at Tennessee Amplifier Co., include adding a Tone control and a Standby switch; adding more tone and "grit" shaping features, e.g. switchable Width (Bright/Dark switch), Depth (tone stack In/Out of the circuit), & Girth (negative feedback) settings; and rewiring the Speaker Out jack to the internal transformer's 8 ohm tap to facilitate the use of the new Warehouse G8C and compatibility with a 12" Warehouse speaker in an extension cab [not part of this sale].  

You can hear me go through some of the mods in the SoundCloud clip on this listing, but I'll try to describe it as best I can based on other low wattage vintage-style amps I've owned: a non-modded Epi Valve Jr V3 (this one's a V2; the V3 came with a nice Eminence speaker stock); a Vox AC4TV; an old Marshall Mercury; and a black face Fender Champ (my first amp -- should've hung on to that one!).

This modded EVJ has a surprisingly thick tone for a 5 watt amp with an 8" speaker. It can get loud, too, easily as loud as the AC4, but not as loud as that old Champ. It will give you some nice tube break-up a lot quicker than the Champ (and without those ice-pick through the brain highs), and even though it doesn't have a Master Volume or variable wattage (the AC4TV had .25, 1, and 4 watt settings), it sounds REALLY GOOD at very low volumes -- not true of a Champ or a Marshall Mercury, both of which you have to crank to get a decent tone and any natural break up.

On this modded EVJ, the Tone knob is also a pseudo-Gain control; the further you turn it clockwise, the less influence is being applied by the amp's tone stack, and more signal = more grit. So, if you want a bit more volume with less "dirt" in your tone, keeping the Tone knob tilted toward the left/bass side of its sweep. I typically favor a warm, clean tone for jamming at home -- I let pedals do most of the dirty work -- and I get some wonderful sounds out of the amp with the Tone around 10 o'clock and the Volume no higher than 8 o'clock. Usually, this keeps me from hearing the inevitable "Turn it down, Dad" too often. Kids these days!

Like the AC4, there isn't a lot of clean headroom available; it's intended to be a rehearsal or studio amp rather than a club-gig amp (unless it's mic'd or you're in a very quiet club, i.e. with no drummer), so the more you push the volume, the dirtier and crunchier it gets. Depending on your pickups, playing style, or pedal chain, break-up could start as low as 9 o'clock (or "3" on standard Fender dial); if you roll back your guitar volume you can get a little louder without too much crunch. 

What I'm trying to say is that if you want an amp with a loud clean channel, this is not it. Even before the mods, this was an amp that was designed to get gritty -- the mods just make the grit sound better.

If you have the opportunity to crank it up, though, please do so, because it sounds AWESOME, and much bigger than its size or wattage rating would indicate. I also play this amp through a closed-back external cab with a 12" WGS British Invasion (which is one of the reasons I had the speaker out tap switched to 8 ohms) and that combination is very, very nice indeed. 

My favorite thing about the EVJ, though, is how responsive it is to playing dynamics, as you can really hear how you play coming through the amp.

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