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For sale is this Gibson Les Paul Jr Lite in Good condition, built in Nashville sometime between 1999-2001; the thinner body is akin to an SG or maybe a Paul Reed Smith -- much lighter than the standard LP or LPJ, but with the same shape and style as its heftier brethren.

I've owned this guitar since 2011 and put a considerable amount of playing time into it, and it shows. I've tried to take picks to show off as many of the little scratches as I can, but if you want more, let me know. The color is "Ebony," so under some lights it shows all of its scratches, but in some lights it looks smooth as can be. In any case, it's been played A LOT, and has more than a couple of scratches and dings as a result. I've also done a few modifications that improved the playability of the guitar, at least for me. These included adding a Bigsby B5, installed with a Vibra-Mate kit -- no new holes, easily removable; a Vibra-Mate string claw to speed up string changes; and new Grover 305C tuners with an 18:1 gear ratio. As you can see from the pics, the Grovers didn't fit exactly over where the original Klusons were (two of which were damaged/broken when I bought the guitar), so the back of the headstock is a little on the ugly side.

One thing I didn't change was the pickups. Although popular consensus lines up against the noiseless P-100s that are original to this guitar, I can honestly say that I've always liked the sound of this guitar as is -- succumbing to peer pressure, I even bought a pair of P-90s to put into it ... but I never did so, and have remained happy with that decision. To me, the P-100s sound like higher output Strat pickups, sort of a 'snappier' version of P-90s. They've got some real meat to them, too. The neck pickup, IMHO, is the best sounding pickup-to-guitar match I've ever personally played: it's deeper, darker, and a little hotter than the bridge pickup, but it's not the least bit murky. 

  • 22 frets
  • Solid mahogany body and neck
  • 24.75" scale length
  • 2 vol/2 tone controls
  • 3-way pickup selector
  • 2 "noiseless" P-100 pickups
  • "Ebony" finish
  • Double cutaway
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge with stop tailpiece
  • Upgrades include:
  • Grover 305C mini tuning machines (18:1 tuning ratio)
  • Bigsby B5 Vibrato w/Vibra-Mate installation kit
  • Vibra-Mate string claw
Ships with a non-original (newer) Gibson USA gig bag; will include a fresh set of Gear Supply strings (10s). Will ship UPS Ground in the continental US. 

More ...

From 1999 to 2002, Gibson produced the guitar shown here -- a DC Special with P-100 hum-cancelling soapbar style pickups and mini trapezoidal markers -- and called it the Les Paul Junior Lite (see marketing photo included with the listing).

The Jr Lite is, as the name suggests, actually quite light -- certainly the lightest LP your likely to find. And despite it's Gibson-on-a-diet looks, it doesn't sound like a PRS or other skinny-Gibson copy: it sounds like a "real" Jr: slightly chunkier than a P90-equipped SG, a little twangier than an LP Custom.

This guitar is based on the classic 1950's original Les Paul Junior design (which later transformed into the SG while the standard Les Paul settled on the better known single cutaway design). This "sort-of re-issue" has the look without the weight (thanks to a thinner body design and slab construction), and the sound without the noise (thanks to stacked coil P100 pickups instead of the classic P90 single coils).

I guess most people want a Les Paul to look like a Les Paul, because this model was only made for a couple of years, from '99 to '01.

Changes from the original 50s LP juniors include two P100s instead of the original one P90, plus additional tone/vol controls and a selector switch. Also, the pickguard is a different style now, and the bridge is a tune-o-matic for better intonation. The mini-trapezoid neck inlays also mark it apart from the original.


22 frets
Solid Mahogany body and neck
24.75" scale length
2 vol/2 tone controls
3-way pickup selector
2 "noiseless" P-100 pickups
"Ebony" finish
Double cutaway
Tune-O-Matic bridge with stop tailpiece
Upgrades include:
Grover 305C mini tuning machines (18:1 tuning ratio)
Bigsby B5 Vibrato w/Vibra-Mate installation kit
Vibra-Mate string claw

Sound is brighter and more twangy than standard humbucker equipped LPs -- but not too much (like a tele). The tone is very ballsy but never muddy, and cuts with even the hardest distortion.

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Good (Used)
Les Paul Jr Lite
Solid Body
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United States

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