The Polyphonic STRING9 String Ensemble transforms a guitar into nine different string ensembles and string synthesizers while requiring zero modifications, special pickups, or MIDI implementation. It relies on the same technology powering all EHX 9 Series pedals. In a 9 Series first, the STRING9 includes the signature EHX Freeze effect on 3 of the presets to sample and hold notes and chords with infinite sustain.

Quick Specs
- Simulates nine string ensemble and string synthesizer sounds
- Tracks impeccably and works on guitar without mods, special pickups or MIDI implementation
- Independent Effect and Dry volume knobs let you precisely control your mix at the Effects output
- Controls 1 and 2 have been designed to adjust specific parameters for each of the nine programs
- Dry output jack outputs the input signal at unity gain
- Compact, rugged, easy to use
- Power adapter included

1. DRY VOL Knob The DRY VOL knob controls the volume of the untreated
instrument signal present at the EFFECT OUTPUT jack. The DRY knob does not
control the volume of the DRY OUTPUT jack.
2. EFFECT VOL Knob The EFFECT VOL knob controls the overall volume of the
selected patch at the EFFECT OUTPUT jack.
3. CTRL 1 and CTRL 2 Knobs See the preset descriptions on page 4.
4. PATCH Knob Turn the white knob to select a strings patch.
5. BYPASS MUTE Internal DIP Switch Inside the STRING9 is a small DIP switch
labeled dry/mute. This switch allows you to choose the signal output from the
EFFECT jack when the STRING9 is in bypass mode.
While the STRING9 is in Bypass, and the DIP switch is set to dry (factory
default), the EFFECT jack outputs the signal present at the INPUT. This is the
standard guitar pedal routing for bypass. Set the DIP switch to mute, andthe EFFECT jack output is muted in bypass. This is handy when sending the
STRING9’s string effects to a different amplifier or mixer channel and you
don’t want to hear your guitar out of that amp while in bypass.
To change the dry/mute DIP switch setting, do the following:
Remove the bottom cover of the STRING9.
Locate the small board with the footswitch and ribbon cable. Here you’ll
find the DIP switch labeled dry and mute.
Change the dry/mute DIP switch setting with a small flathead screwdriver.
Note: this switch is very delicate. Do not force it when changing settings.
If the switch handle doesn’t move easily, try moving it the other way first
and then back to the position you want.
6. INPUT Jack Plug your instrument or the output of another effects pedal
into this ¼” jack. The input impedance at the INPUT jack is 1MΩ. See Tips 1 & 2
on page 7 of this manual for more information on connecting your STRING9.
7. DRY OUTPUT Jack The DRY OUTPUT jack outputs the signal present at the
INPUT jack through a buffer circuit. In either EFFECT or BYPASS mode, the dry
signal is always present at the DRY OUTPUT jack. The source impedance at the
DRY OUTPUT jack is 500Ω.
8. EFFECT OUTPUT Jack In effect mode, the EFFECT OUTPUT jack outputs the
mix set by the DRY and EFFECT volume knobs. In BYPASS mode, EFFECT out-
puts either the buffered bypass signal or is muted, depending on the setting
of the internal BYPASS MUTE DIP switch. The source impedance at the EFFECT
OUTPUT jack is 500Ω.
9. 9V Power Jack Attach the output plug from the included power supply to
the 9V power jack. The STRING9 draws 100mA at 9VDC on a center-negative
plug. Do not exceed 10.5VDC on the power jack.
10. BYPASS Footswitch and STATUS LED Press the Bypass footswitch to toggle
the EFFECT OUTPUT jack between buffered bypass/mute and EFFECT mode.
The status LED lights when you are in EFFECT mode. Change between buffered
bypass or mute—while in Bypass mode—by flipping the internal BYPASS MUTE
DIP switch. The STATUS LED blinks when waiting for a Freeze trigger or upon
receiving a new Freeze trigger.
Manual Freeze On The Bypass Footswitch
The Bypass footswitch performs double-duty, in addition to toggling between
bypass and effect modes, the footswitch also engages Manual Freeze when
the STRING9 is set to any of the last three patches: ORCH FREEZE, SYNTH
FREEZE, VOX FREEZE and the CTRL 2 knob is set to the CW half of its range.

Preset Descriptions
1. SYMPHONIC An emulation of a large symphonic orchestra. The bottom guitar
strings produce a lower octave for a full sound.
CTRL 1 is a tone control. As you turn CTRL 1 CW, the effect gets brighter. As you
turn CTRL 1 CCW, the effect goes darker.
CTRL 2 adjusts sustain/release time. Sustain/release is the time it takes for
the effect to fade out after stopping your notes. As CTRL 2 is turned CW, the
fade-out time increases. The sustain/release effect is similar to reverb, but it
controls fade-out volume instead of a reverb tail.
2. JUNE-O A string sound inspired by the classic polyphonic analog synths of the
early 80s.
CTRL 1 is a tone control.
CTRL 2 is an octave switch, selecting between 5 octaves.
3. PCM A smaller studio string section, as heard on vintage digital keyboards.
CTRL 1 is a tone control.
CTRL 2 adjusts vibrato depth. As you turn CTRL 2 clockwise, the vibrato depth
increases. Turn CTRL 2 fully CCW to bypass vibrato.
4. FLOPPY Emulation of the 1960's and 70's mechanical string machines like the
Mellotron® and Orchestron®. Orchestron® used optical floppy discs.
CTRL 1 is a tone control.
CTRL 2 is sustain/release time.
5. AARP Emulation of the much-loved Arp® Solina string synthesizer.
CTRL 1 adjusts Small Stone Phase Shifter speed. As you turn CTRL 1 clockwise,
modulation speed increases. Turn CTRL 1 fully CCW to bypass the phase shifter.
CTRL 2 is sustain/release time.
6. CREWMAN Emulation of the classic Crumar® Performer analog string and
brass synthesizer.
CTRL 1 sets filter envelope sweep time and direction. When CTRL 1 is set within
its counterclockwise range, it will adjust the attack time of the filter sweep; when
set clockwise, beyond “noon,” it controls the decay time of the filter sweep. For
either section of CTRL 1, sweep time gets faster as the knob is turned clockwise.
CTRL 2 is sustain/release time.
7. ORCH FREEZE An orchestra sound with Freeze effect.
CTRL 1 is a tone control.
CTRL 2 selects between Auto Freeze and Manual Freeze modes. Set CTRL 2 any-
where in its counterclockwise half to select Auto Freeze. Set CTRL 2 anywhere in
its clockwise half to select Manual Freeze.
8. SYNTH FREEZE A string synthesizer with Freeze effect.
CTRL 1 is a tone control.
CTRL 2 selects between Auto Freeze and Manual Freeze modes.
9. VOX FREEZE Mellotron® choir and strings with Freeze effect.
CTRL 1 adjusts the speed of the Small Stone Phase Shifter effect.
CTRL 2 selects between Auto Freeze and Manual Freeze mode

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