Brubaker K4 "Nashville" 2001 Shoreline Gold. An incredible prototype guitar. Best neck of any guita.

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I have a lot of guitars in my collection. Many are “mass brands” but my favorites are “personal brands”.

Personal brands are those unique guitars that have been built by the hands of an independent builder, many times working alone, who is building with his/her hands what his/her mind has already created. And as it is being built, the guitar becomes a “personal brand” because it is the person who is building it. And for me, I just hear more depth in the sound and tone these guitars produce. They are special.



If there were a CUSTOM GUITAR BUILDERS’ HALL OF FAME, Kevin Brubaker would have gotten in on the first ballot fifteen years ago. That’s I bought my first BRUBAKER and it was perfect. In fact it was so good, that I commissioned Kevin to build two one off sets of guitar/bass for my sons who graduated from high school in 2000.

Kevin has become quite successful and renowned since then, especially for his incredible bass guitars, but he should be known just as well for his guitars. They are that good. You can go to Kevin’s website to see more about his current products but I think the best way to describe them is by using a list I compiled of owner/player comments found online that I have coined as “50 Ways Why You Love Your Brubaker Guitar”:

1.      “I have never played a bad Brubaker guitar.”

2.      They are remarkably consistent and the workmanship is as good as or better than any high-end builder out there.

3.      I think they are one of the best kept secret values on the market.

4.      The neck joint is perfect, the finish is gorgeous, and the hardware is all high end.

5.      One of the greatest things about the Brubaker guitars are their necks. They are simply amazing and play as fast as you can move your hand. And comfortable like none other. Play and play again and my wrist and fingers just don’t get tired.

6.      The frets are just the right height and the action allows me to get under them, bend and shake those strings with total control.

7.      A completely effortless guitar to play thanks to its incredibly smooth neck, frets, and fretboards.

8.      Really the best guitar for using the volume knob that I have ever tried. Through a clean amp, the tones are very complex and great sounding. I have never played a guitar that does a better crystal clean and killer focused distortion.

9.      One other thing is the tone control- it really works unlike some other guitars. If you run it wide open, you will get really convincing Tele sounds. Back it off and things fatten up real nicely. I have found that with my Brubakers there is definitely a sweet spot you have to find depending on what amp you are using but it will kill no matter where you are.

10.   Kevin Brubaker always makes me extremely happy with my experience of owning one of his guitars and you get a real feeling for how much care, craftsmanship and just plain art Kevin puts into them. They are like his children.

11.   I am so happy with this guitar I just can't find anything to nitpick about.

12.   I think Brubaker guitars are the best value going.

13.   The neck joint is called a neck thru bolt on. The neck basically disappears 7 inches into the body of the guitar and is bolted in with 4 countersunk large screws. To me this ‘deep pocket’ is a great alternative to a set neck, regular bolt on, and through the body neck. It gives incredible sustain.

14.   The body has a tasteful carve and the headstock design with it's signature carve is simply beautiful

15.   Kevin is the Master of perfect guitar details. For example, the back covers for the trem system and for the controls cavity are made of the same wood as the body and are perfectly cut to fit securely and perfectly. These covers used a single screw in the center to attach them and it works great. And they are not flimsy-they are good thick wood. Also, each control cavity is fully finished and shielded.

16.   The action and pickups required no adjustment at all. It's setup up low and fast.

17.   The finish and workmanship are flawless.

18.   It really is remarkable.

19.   Each Brubaker has its own voice so it really isn’t fair to compare their tone to other guitars. Kevin has built an innovative guitar that does not imitate a Strat, Tele, or LP. But those sounds it can make if you can play the notes.

20.   I guess the best way to describe it is this way: I had a flamed PRS Custom 22 (with birds) that I traded even up for this guitar.

21.   If you can't get him on the phone, he'll call you right back. He answers email within a day. He is terrific to work with and is an honest and dedicated craftsman.

22.   The quality of Kevin’s guitars is nothing short of Private Stock, Custom Shop or Master Build.

23.   I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to get into Kevin's guitars relatively early, not just because they might be good investments someday (like a mid-80s PRS?)

24.   Kevin really cares about how I like and play his product, plays himself, and in the final analysis, his guitars just flat out have the tone and playability that just outperforms anything else.

25.   Kevin is an artist creating world class guitars. The Brubaker sings no matter what I put between it and an amp. This B2 has an incredibly clear crisp tone that I have not experienced in any other guitar I've played, and with 30 years playing behind me there have been a lot of guitars, many high end. This guitar is very versatile, the volume and tone controls are widely responsive giving it great range.

26.   Kevin Brubaker guitars are addicting. It's unfair to compare Brubakers to other guitars. They have a distinctive voice all their own. I've tried to be critical but I can't see any musician worth his salt playing one of these guitars and not coming away wanting to own one

27.   “Plays like butter right from the case.”

28.   “Pickups were at optimum height to capture every note cleanly out of the case.”

29.   “Not a single flaw or imperfection-simply spectacular.

30.   I’ve been playing 20 years -68 SG, 92 Strat, 91 Tele, 68 Supro, 1998 Brubaker, (had lots of others Les Pauls, PRS, etc.) but would buy this guitar again and again.

31.   If anything happened to my Brubaker, my heart would be broken-until I could get another one-and then I would still miss mine.

32.   I cannot describe how much I like my Brubaker guitar. It is a work of art.

33.   As an avid guitar collector, I am acutely aware of finished product quality – and this Brubaker is simply the finest example of what high quality guitar makers are trying (but so often failing) to achieve

34.   However, the most important feature of the guitar is its amazing sound! So many of the skilled musicians who have heard and played it have made comments like ‘It sounds so alive!’ or ‘Man, I wish my guitar was that bright!’.

35.   It is actually intimidating to have a guitar that is faster than my fingers. In every respect this is simply an experience no musician should miss.

36.   For anyone who has yet to encounter the magic of a Brubaker – life’s too short not to have the best musical instrument available in the world.

37.   My Brubaker is drop dead gorgeous as is every Brubaker I have seen. Absolutely no quality drop.

38.   And is here is how, and why, Brubakers simply beat everything out there.

39.   They are completely hand-made. Even the necks are made from scratch.

40.   The attention to detail is very evident.

41.   The Headstock is Quilted Maple and matches the body perfectly. There is a spot in the headstock where 3 different kinds and shades of wood meld together. Simply beautiful.

42.   You can't really compare Brubaker guitars to mass-produced guitars- it isn't fair to them or Brubaker. Suffice it to say that PRS, which is arguably the best mass-produced guitar, doesn't come close. I'm not knocking PRS because I own them and like them. Quality is far better than Gibson, even the custom shop (I have a '58 Historic LP reissue that I love too).

43.   The finish is flawless. Very deep and rich looking.

44.   This guitar is so alive and resonant. My theory is that the combination of body wood, neck thru bolt-on design, pickups and the higher distance of the strings from the pickups (due to the bridge saddle adjustment) make this sound so good. You can get pick harmonics and all kind of wild overtones all over the place on this guitar. No muddiness as with a lot of humbucker equipped guitars here. This is a guitar that is capable of giving you all of the tonal nuances a strat can deliver while in humbucker mode- I have not played any other guitar that can do this.

45.   I'm playing it through a Marshall Jubilee head, a '68 Fender Super Reverb and a Zinky Mofo head. It sounds great through everything. I play everything from clean '50's stuff through Ozzy and this guitar can do it all. Most people seem to play hard rock with these guitars but the clean really sets it apart from the Les Pauls and PRS's I have.

46.   A Brubaker is a serious guitar player’s guitar that is also beautiful and perfect in its detail.

47.   Kevin Brubaker is the nicest guy and best luthier you will ever meet.

48.   I am convinced there is not a better handmade guitar out there. PRS, Gibson or Fender custom shops can't touch the quality, playability and sound of these instruments.

49.   Each is a work of art too.

50.   Customer support is old world service and craftsmanship. Kevin pours his heart and soul into these guitars and it truly shows.



I own several Brubaker guitars in my collection and have selected a few to offer for sale to Players and Collectors. All of them are from the 1999-2001 period and were hand built by Kevin himself (most came from his shop before it burned and he moved to a new building). They feature the unique “deep pocket bolt on neck” construction that makes each of his guitars sustain for so long and to carry incredible tones through the neck and body.

This guitar is one of the original BRUBAKER K4 “NASHVILLE” Series guitars. It was built by Kevin in the 2001. The Serial Number is 2001-21 PROTO.

It is a HOT GUITAR that sounds loud, clean, raunchy, et al-all at the same time.


BODY: ASH, Semi-hollow.


NECK: Maple, finished in satin black.


TUNERS: Sperzel Locking


KNOBS: 1 Vol. 1 Tone

SWITCH: 3 way selector.

BRIDGE: Fixed, string through body, individual adjustable saddles.


HAS EXCLUSIVE BRUBAKER NECK SET TECHNOLOGY where neck is bolt on but recessed further into body of guitar to increase resonance.



Overall, this guitar is in VERY GOOD condition. This guitar has been held as a collection piece and not played since I have owned and played little before then.


Money back guarantee.

You have three days after receiving this guitar to try it out. Play it, hold it, look at it, smell it, and whatever else you do with a guitar. If you decide it is not for you, please ship it back to us in same condition as received and I will refund your money. (shipping cost to return it to me is to be paid by you per Reverb rules).

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