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Play Korg's uber-realistic "German D Grand" piano and 600+ more stunning sounds -- then build 16-track sequences on the Krome workstation's wide 7" display.

Unbeatable Value on a Seriously Powerful Workstation Synth
The Korg Krome-61 brings you a top-of-the-line professional digital keyboard with natural-feeling, semi-weighted piano action. It delivers complete all-around functionality for any style of keyboard playing, and comes preloaded with numerous unlooped instrument sounds that sound so gorgeous you'll want to use them in the studio as much as you do on stage.

A True Workstation
The Korg Krome-61 isn't just a keyboard -- it's a true full-featured musical creation engine. In addition to its easy-to-use 16-track sequencer, it's got a sweet Auto Song Setup feature that allows you to sketch entire compositions quickly and easily. Now there's only a single REC button standing between your inspiration and the finished idea! And when you're taking the time to prepare arrangements for a live set or studio gig, Korg's Cue List feature will allow you to get all the different parts in the right place as fast as humanly possible.

A Grand Piano that Goes Anywhere
Even with 640 Programs (individual voices) and 288 gig-ready Combinations, sometimes you really just need the sound of a great grand piano. And the Korg Krome might well be the best option out there. The German D Grand Piano patch on the Korg Krome-61 is rendered with so much detail that it uses dozens of times more memory than most keyboards do total. Good thing it's got a whopping 3.8 GB of PCM memory on board! Down to replicating the sound of damper resonances, the Krome-61 offers a piano experience that even classically-trained musicians will appreciate. The Natural Touch semi-weighted keybed is great for both acoustic players that are used to heavier keys and for players that need lighter, springier keys for organ or synth-style music.

Please Stop Carrying Around That Dusty Old Rhodes
Korg delivered the same degree of detail when they created the Krome-61's electronic piano sounds. Each of its three electric piano models is rendered at 8 distinct dynamic levels to assure a faithful response to the subtleties of the musician's touch.

The Keyboardist Can Finally Fire That Drummer She Hates
The Krome-61 goes beyond typical digital keyboards with its inclusion of the Jazz Ambiance Drums patch set that was so acclaimed on the now-famous Korg Kronos. Once again, the massive PCM memory onboard this instrument gives you sounds you'll want to use in any type of performance situation. Choose from more than 600 preset rhythm sequences or create your own patterns and loops!

Good Effects On You
The FX section gives you 5 insert slots for each preset, so you can create custom combinations of reverbs, delays, filters, flangers, phasers, and more. And if your music is looking for some new sounds altogether, patches like the Grain Shifter and the onboard amp modeling features will take you into tonal realms you've never even considered before. After all, the Krome is a Korg, so it makes sense that it's a stellar tool for creating killer sounds from scratch.

Software Support When You Want It
The Krome-61 comes USB-ready. In addition to hooking up effortlessly with any DAW, this port allows you to interface with the included Krome Plug-in Editing Software. With this you can prepare your sounds and FX inserts before your gig, or control them with a DAW in real time by connecting to a computer. And right next to the USB port you'll find an SD card reader to save files and patches when you don't have your computer on hand!

Beautiful On Every Level
The dark, curved body design with two contrasting aluminum panels projects a striking, high-end allure. But once your audience hears the sound coming off this slick board, they'll understand that the quality embodied by the Korg Krome-61 is more than skin deep. We think you'll pick up that pretty quickly too.

- Korg's Natural Touch keybed: semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive 61-key keyboard
- Full-length unlooped acoustic and electric piano and drum sounds
- A gorgeous and intuitive 7-inch color TouchView control display
- Pre-programmed with 640 gorgeous sounds and 288 combi patches
- 5 FX Inserts for each preset, along with 2 Master FX, and 1 Total FX
- Timbre and EQ adjustment on each track
- Distinctive design with stylish contrasting aluminum panels
- USB connection
- SD Card slot for data storage
- Includes Krome software editor to edit sounds on your computer
- Complete MIDI I/O
- Standard 1/4-inch L and R outputs
- Can be connected to optional Korg XVP-10 Expression Pedal, EXP-2 Foot Controller, DS-1H Damper Pedal, or PS-1/PS-3 Pedal Switch
- 3.5mm stereo headphone jack

- Krome 61: Natural Touch keyboard, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive (C2-C7, transposable from C1-C6 to C3-C8)

- - EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded)

- Maximum Polyphony:
- - 120 voices (120 Oscillators) / Single Mode
- - 60 voices (120 Oscillators) / Double Mode
- - *The maximum simultaneous voice polyphony will vary depending on oscillator settings such as stereo multisamples and
- - velocity crossfading.
- PCM Memory:
- - 3.8 GB, 48kHz/16-bit linear equivalent
- - 1,077 Multisamples (Including 7 Stereo multisamples)
- - 1,609 Drumsamples (Including 116 Stereo Drumsamples)
- Program:
- Oscillator
- - OSC1 (Single); OSC1 + 2 (Double): Stereo multisamples are supported
- - 8 velocity zones per oscillator with switching, crossfades and layers
- Filters:
- - Four types of filter routing (single, serial, parallel, 24 dB)
- - Two multi-mode filters per oscillator (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject)
- Driver:
- - Per-voice nonlinear driver and low boost
- EQ:
- - Three bands, with sweepable mid
- Modulation:
- - For each oscillator: two envelope generators (Filter & Amp)
- - Two LFOs
- - Two key tracking generators (Filter & Amp)
- - Two AMS mixers
- - Pitch EG
- - Common LFO
- - Two common key tracking generators
- Combination:
- Timbres: 16 maximum, each with split/layer/velocity switching with crossfading, plus modifications via Tone
- Adjust function
- MIDI Controller Functionality: Customizable MIDI channel and Internal/External/Both settings per timbre
- Master Keyboard Functionality
- It's available for controlling external MIDI devices
- Drum Kit:
- Stereo and mono drum samples
- 8 velocity zones switch (crossfades and layers)
- Sounds:
- Program: 640 preload, 768 total locations
- Combi: 288 preload, 512 total locations
- Drumkits: 32 preload, 48 total locations
- The number of Combination / Program / Drum Kit:
- - User: 512 Combination (288 Preload)
- User: 768 Program (640 Preload)
- User: 48 Drum Kit (32 Preload)
- - Preset: 256 GM2 Program + 9 GM2 Drums Program
- Effects
- Insert Effects:
- - 5 Insert Effects (stereo in/out)
- - 2 Master Effects (stereo in/out)
- - 1 Total Effect (stereo in/out)
- Timbre / Track EQ:
- - 3-band EQ per timbre/track
- Effect Types:
- 193, useable as Insert, Master, or Total effects. Note that a double-size effect cannot be used as a total effect.
- Modulation:
- - Dynamic Modulation, 2 Common LFO
- Effects Control Busses:
- - Stereo sidechain (Limiter, Gate, Vocoder, etc)
- Effect Preset:
- - 32 preset per effect
- Polyphonic Arpeggiator
- Program Mode:
- Single polyphonic arpeggiator
- Combination, Sequencer Mode:
- Dual polyphonic arpeggiators
- Number of pattern:
- 900 preload, 1028 total locations
- 5 preset arpeggio patterns
- Drum Track
- 637 preload, 1000 total locations
- Configurable Trigger Mode/Sync/Zone
- Sequencer
- Tracks:
- - 16 MIDI tracks + 1 master track
- Number of Songs:
- - 128 Songs
- Resolution:
- - 1/480 PPQ
- Tempo:
- - 40.00- 300.00 (1/100 BPM resolution)
- Maximum memory:
- - 210,000 MIDI events
- Template Song:
- - 16 preset / 16 user template songs
- Cue List function:
- - 20 Cue Lists
- 99 steps
- Pattern:
- - 605 Preset / 100 User patterns
- RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play and Recording):
- - 1 pattern set per song
- Format:
- - KORG (KROME) format, SMF format 0 and 1
- Media
- - Load, Save, Utility, data filer functionality (Save and Load MIDI System Exclusive Data)

- *Joystick, SW [1], SW [2]
- *Realtime Control
- - [SELECT] Switch:
- - 4 Knobs;
- - REALTIME CONTROL: Real-time Modulation, Arpeggio control
- *Drum Track
- - [DRUM TRACK] Switch On/Off
- *Arpeggiator
- - [ARP] Switch On/Off

User Interface
- - TouchView(tm) Graphical User Interface
- - 7-inch color TFT LCD, 800 x 480 pixels
- - Onboard LCD brightness control

Mode Switch:
- - [COMBI], [PROG], [SEQ], [GLOBAL], [MEDIA] switch
- VALUE controller:
- - [VALUE] Dial, [INC], [DEC] Switch, 10 key block ([0] - [9], [-], [.], [ENTER], [COMPARE])
- BANK Switch:
- - [A], [B], [C], [D], [E], [F] switch (in Combination mode, [A], [B], [C], [D] switch are available)
- SEQUENCER switch:
- - [PAUSE], [REW], [FF], [LOCATE], [REC], [START / STOP]

- [TEMPO] knob, [TAP] switch

- [PAGE] switch, [WRITE] switch, [EXIT] switch, [VOLUME] knob, Contrast knob

- - 6.3mm (Mono) Phone jack, Unbalanced
- Output Impedance: 1100Ohm, 550Ohm with Mono output
- Maximum level: +16.0 [dBu], Load Impedance: more than 10Ohm.

Headphone Output:
- - 3.5mmStereo phone jack
- Output Impedance: 33Ohm
- Maximum level: 60 + 60mW with 33Ohm load"

Control Input
- DAMPER pedal (Half Damper supported)


- - USB-MIDI Interface (TYPE B) x 1

SD Card Slot:
- Max: 2 GB / SD memory card
- Max: 32 GB/ SDHC memory card
- Note: SDXC memory cards are not supported.

- Power supply (DC12V 3.5A), POWER switch

Dimensions (W x D x H):
- KROME-61 = 40.43 x 12.32 x 3.66 inches / 1,027 313 93 mm

- KROME-61 = 15.87 lbs. / 7.2 kg

- Power Consumption: 13 W

Accessories Included:
- - AC Adapter
- Quick Start Guide
- Accessory Disc (Operation Guide PDF, Parameter Guide PDF, Video Manual)

- XVP-10: Expression/Volume pedal
- EXP-2: Foot Controller
- DS-1H: Damper Pedal
- PS-1, PS-3: Pedal Switch

System Requirements
PC System Requirements for Krome Editor/Plug-In Editor

- OS: Windows Vista SP2 and later (32- and 64-bit, all editions), Windows 7 (all editions, including 64-bit)
- Computer: USB port required

- OS: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
- Computer: USB port required

PC System Requirements for Krome Editor/Plug-In Editor
- OS: Windows Vista SP2 and later (32- and 64-bit, all editions), Windows 7 (all editions, including 64-bit)
- CPU: Intel Pentium III / 1 gHz or faster, Pentium D or later Core Duo recommended.
- Memory: More than 512MB (Greater than 1 GB recommended)
- Monitor: 1,024x768, at least 16-bit color
- Others: Computer with USB port, running Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista

- OS: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later (32-bit and 64-bit kernel modes supported)
CPU: Late Apple G4 800MHz (Intel Mac supported); G5 or greater than Core Duo recommended
- Memory: More than 512MB (at least 1 GB recommended)
- Monitor: 1,024x768, at least 32,000 colors
- Others: Apple Macintosh computer with USB port, running Mac OS X.

* Krome Plug-In Editor supports VST/RTAS in Windows, VST/ Audio Unit/RTAS in Macintosh.
* Only a single instance of the Krome Editor or Krome Plug-In Editor can be used at once.
* All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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Brand Korg
Model Krome 61
Categories Workstations, Digital Synths
Number of Keys 61 Keys

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