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This Peavey SESSION 400 LIMITED has ended. Check out the seller's shop, or maybe you'd like one of these:
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This amp goes LOUD!!! :)

Pre-gain pot is a little scratchy, but other than that, this amp is in perfect working order. 

Works and sounds GREAT!

Comes without foot switch.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this item.

AmpCity Music

Product Specs

Very good
Guitar Combos
Made In:
United States

About The Seller

AmpCity Music
Joined Reverb: Nov 05, 2013
Waukesha, WI

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  • Available for local pickup from Waukesha, WI
  • Ships from Waukesha, WI
  • $35.00 to United States

Return Policy

AmpCity Music


We stand behind every item we sell. We pride ourselves in fast shipping & professional packaging!

Our business hours are as follows:

Tuesday-Friday 12pm-9pm

Saturday & Sunday 12pm-5pm

Closed Mondays.

If you purchase an item from us on a the weekend, we will normally provide tracking info within 1 business day (unless item is listed as within 3 business days), which will be the following Tuesday, not Monday.

Thank you for shopping at AmpCity Music!

AmpCity's Resolution Center Info

All used tube amps are shipped in working order, and sold as is. If you haven’t owned a tube amp before please understand that tubes will need to be changed on all tube amps that you purchase, whether it's new or used. This does not mean that they will have to be changed right away. It’s based on how often you play the amp. We are not responsible for tubes as they are a wear item on all tube amps.

All used guitars are sold as is, as they are used items. They are shipped with the strings loose, as not to apply any unnecessary pressure on the neck. From time to time, Acoustic guitar necks will flex from climate changes. Do not worry, It’s a simple matter of adjusting the trust rod. Please contact us and we will work with your local music store to solve the problem.

On all vintage items, we have described to the best of our knowledge any problems written in the description above. However, due to the age of the electrical components in the item, we do not guarantee them. As you know, anything of that era could work 1000 times, and on the 1001st time, a pot or tube could just go. Therefor, these items are sold as is, with no returns.

Should you have any questions we encourage you to contact us first. You will be contacted with in 24 hours by one of our resolution specialist with details on how we can work together to resolve the problem.

Please review our return policy, as well as Ebay's return info.

There is a 20 percent restocking fee on all returns and cancelled orders.

When purchasing this item, you are agreeing to the above.

In the event of a package arriving damaged, the following procedures MUST be taken for UPS claim

- Take multiple & specific photos of the item still in the box, as well as photos of the original packaging (bubble wrap and other packaging materials)

- Take multiple & specific photos of the the shipping and tracking labels on the box.

- Take multiple & specific photos of the damage to the item.

- Do not throw away ANYTHING! UPS needs all of these specific photos of damage for the claim. This includes broken pieces and parts. This must take place prior to you returning the item. This will be needed for the UPS claim.

-Then call 1-800-PICKUPS to start a claim, and email them all photos. They will take it from there.

Thank you! :)

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