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Open Box, brand new/never used as I had to shut business down due to covid. 


The V-Comp is the newest addition to our lineup of bespoke analog hardware and is our take on a legendary variable-mu, tube broadcast compressor from the 1950’s. Augmented and Enriched in all the ways you’ve come to expect from AudioScape!

The V-Comp takes its cues from a certain Gates forebear (thanks Will! haha) and exudes unadulterated, timeless compression and imparts thick, luscious saturation to any audio run through it 7 tubes and big, fat Custom Cinemag Iron. The V-Comp has very few peers when it comes to imparting effortless, vintage vibe to vocals and bass; with a particular compression action and behavior that will be instantly familiar to lovers of legendary records and productions.

With an enormous sweet-spot and extremely forgiving compression action, the V-Comp is an undoubtedly EUPHONIC sounding compressor. Yet, it’s this ever-forgiving nature that makes it ideal for unruly vocalists, bouncing basses and unwieldy synths.. and obviously, anything else that needs a dose of authoritative taming, character, grit and warmth.

The character and vintage mojo imbued by our Exclusive, Custom Wound Transformers and variety of Vintage NOS Tubes is enough to make an audio purist hearts glow red-hot with passion.
But we didn’t stop there….

Allen-Bradley Carbon Comp Resistors and Cornell Dubilier Polypropylene Caps are utilized in crucial, key areas of the circuit and add to our continued quest for exacting, SONIC TRUTH and capturing the genuine vintage vibe of the original circuit.

Words that immediately come to mind are: Sonically Opulent, Bold, Formidable, Commanding and Mammoth.

Profoundly MUSICAL Compression

The V-Comp has all of the weight and density of our Opto Comp, but imbues even more vintage, authoritative compression tone and behavior; with the added ability to be pushed into very high levels of saturation and grit (in the best ways possible).

To highlight the lovely saturation the V-Comp is capable of, we’ve added a 4th option to the existing Single, Double and Triple modes. “Bypass”, as the name implies, completely bypasses the compression section of the circuit while still running through the all-tube signal path and big, fat transformers!

The compression is not rigid and confronting, it is highly program-dependent while still allowing the operator a certain level of control over the attack and release time constants; without ever becoming clouded, hazy or indistinct.

The V-Comp has a very gentle knee, which is to be expected from it’s variable-mu topology.
What this means for the operator is, the resulting compression behavior is always extraordinary musical and allows the V-Comp to ebb and flow along with the source in the most natural way we’ve ever heard.

Vintage Vibe meets Modern Workflow

Countless improvements and modifications have been made to the original circuit from the 1950’s in an effort to make the V-Comp more versatile when used in today’s more intricate and varied productions. But, it is still right at home if you’re after a more vintage, indie, throw-back type of sound.

We started by making the Input and Output controls more useable; across their ENTIRE RANGE. This subtle, but common-sense modification allows the operator to get the full effect of saturating the input and output transformers and pushing the tube gain stages, while still allowing for AMPLE headroom heading into your convertor, console or tape machine.
We’ve also tweaked the time-constants to allow for a much faster recovery time than the original was ever capable of. This is particularly useful for today’s more modern pop and electronic productions.

However, changing these values resulted in a a peculiar sonic oddity that we thought was TOO FUN to omit:
We’ve coined it -
**Simply Set the V-Comp to TRIPLE Mode, fastest recovery time and crank the INPUT control
::insert maniacal laughter here::

  • PREMIUM JJ 6386

  • 12AT7

  • 6AL5

  • OB2

  • 6V6 (x2)

  • 5Y3

  • Triad Choke

  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Input Transformer (exacting replica of the original)

  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Output Transformer (exacting replica of the original)

Even with all of this being said: Great Products Speak for Themselves.

Lovingly Hand-Crafted, One-at-a-Time in Small Batches right here in the USA!

**Please listen to the audio examples for a TINY sampling of what this truly remarkable variable-mu compressor is capable of!**

To our AudioScape Family; We appreciate and thank all of YOU for our continued success!
We hope you love this compressor just as much as we do.

AUDIOSCAPE offers a HASSLE-FREE, 2-YEAR WARRANTY included with EVERY unit we sell!

  • Handcrafted in the USA

  • Stylish 3U 19" Rackmount - Battleship Grey

  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Input Transformer (Sonically True to the Original)

  • Exclusive, Custom-Wound Output Transformer (Sonically True to the Original)

  • 7 Total Tubes

  • Premium JJ 6386 Tube for Gain Reduction (Hassle-Free and Superior in terms of Noise and Matching)

  • 2x Premium 6V6 Tubes (Matched Pair) for Flawless Performance

  • 4x Premium NOS American Made Tubes

  • TRIAD Choke

  • 4 Operating Modes: SINGLE, DOUBLE, TRIPLE OR “BYPASS”, which provides rich, harmonic gain and character without compression!

  • Fully-Variable Input and Output Controls (Tweaked for Maximum Useable Range; Allowing for Countless Saturation Options)

  • 6 Position Stepped Recovery Times

  • Cornell Dubilier Polypropylene Axial Capacitors

  • Allen-Bradley Carbon Comp Resistors in Key Areas of the Signal Path

  • Authentic Vintage Replica Knobs

  • USA Made Battleship Grey Silk-Screened Front Panel

  • Electronically Balanced +4dBu circuitry

  • Alpha Potentiometers

  • USA Made Custom Power Transformer

  • Custom Vintage-Styled VU Gain-Reduction Meter

  • Neutrik XLR Input and Output Connectors (Real Metal)

  • Custom 120V Power Transformer (240V operation is not yet available)

Keywords: Retro, Sta Level, Retro Sta-Level, Variable Mu, Vari Mu, Tracking, Vocal, Compressor, La-2a, 1176, Stam Audio, Audioscape

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