Yamaha Classical G280A in 60s-70s

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Japanese luthier built these guitar models from the late 1960s to the mid 1980s were of exceptional quality. Many of these luthiers operated small shops with anywhere from one or two master builders to perhaps 15-20 master craftsmen. Bans on certain types of wood were not yet in place, thus allowing these craftsmen to source incredibly high quality wood to build their creations. Additionally, many of the top names in Japanese guitar building were trained either in Spain or under Spanish master builders in Japan. There is no doubt that these guitars are a bargain in today's market, but locating top quality Japanese classical guitars from this era is not always easy, plus with the restrictions in place for exporting certain wood types across international boarders, it makes it even more difficult to obtain one of these gems. Guitars built using similar materials in today's market will cost you far more than what you pay for a guitar from the golden era of Japanese classical guitars due to the scarcity or complete bans on certain types of wood.

This is the top of the line model offered from Yamaha from 1972 - 1974. It was only offered in Japan and was not listed in catalogs.

The G280A has premium features and decorations. The back and sides are made of Indian Rosewood. The top is solid Japanese Ezo Spruce! The G series represented Yamaha’s top quality classical guitars at the time, and this one has survived in excellent condition with no structural issues. There are some light scratches as noted in the pictures, but it in no way affects the sound or playability of this quality instrument.


Top: Solid Ezo Spruce

Back: Indian Rosewood

Sides: Indian Rosewood

Neck: Mahogany 3pcs

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Bridge: Jacaranda

The traditional Yamaha headstock is dressed up with a beautiful rosewood overlay and has two decorative amber stripes exclusive to this model.

The reputation of Yamaha instruments bearing the Nippon Gakki name has continued to grow in recent times. For many years steel string players have sought out the 70s FG-series guitars, while their nylon string counterparts have been in the shadows somewhat because there was little information about them. However, the G series instruments are now enjoying a resurgence of interest from classical players seeking a top quality older instruments

Please note that the scale length of this instrument is 658mm which is considered a long scale classical. This would be referred to as a concert or grand auditorium model.

Condition is excellent for a 40+ year old instrument.

This is a top quality classical guitar from Yamaha’s Nippon Gakki factory, with lots of productive years left, and an interesting story to tell.

This guitar will be shipped in new hard shell case.

Guitars from this era are superior in quality in almost all respects to the guitars being produced today.

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