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For sale is my MidiSizer MidiGAL, hand built with love by Pete Kvitek and running MidiPAL v1.4 firmware.

It includes 19 different MIDI “apps”, ranging from MIDI debugging or routing utilities to compositional tools like arpeggiators, scale, midi delay, and pattern generators.

Although this MidiGAL is running Mutable Instruments firmware, there is a number of other firmware variants that were developed specifically for MidiGAL.

I think you can flash your own firmware if you know what you're doing.

Product page for MidiGAL is here - midisizer.com/midigal/
MidiPAL firmware info: mutable-instruments.net/midipal

The unit is in a clear acrylic case and ships with the power supply pictured in the listing.


The MIDIpal is a smart and small MIDI processor. Insert it between a MIDI keyboard (or sequencer) and a MIDI sound module to unleash powerful compositional tools and effects.

The most versatile MIDI event processor Compositional tools
  • Arpeggiator: Arpeggiate your chords. 4 modes (up, down, up&down, random), 15 rhythmic patterns, adjustable tempo, rhythmical division, gate and groove, syncable to MIDI clock.
  • Step sequencer: Record step-by-step a sequence of up to 128 notes (with ties, rests, slides and accents), and play it back with transposition. As simple and elegant as the classic SH-101 sequencer!
  • Randomizer: Randomize note values, velocity, and send random CC at each key press.
  • Keyboard-controlled drums sequencer. Control a drum module from a keyboard by triggering and combining patterns — one for each key of a 49 keys keyboard. Create mesmerizing Euclidean drum patterns.
  • Chord memory: Enjoy the classic *chord memory* feature of early 80s synths.
  • Delay. Up to 32 echo notes added after each note, transposition and velocity adjustment for creating feedback arpeggio effects, syncable to MIDI clock.
  • Scale processor. Never miss a note in a solo… The scale mapper replaces each note you play by its nearest neighbour in one of the 25 preset scales. It can also transpose and add voicing/random harmonies.
MIDI message generation
  • Clock: Make your MIDI setup groove! MIDI clock source with adjustable tempo and adjustable groove/shuffle/humanization patterns, from super-tight to funky.
  • CC-LFO: Generate up to 4 tempo-synced LFOs and cyclic automation movements for any MIDI Control Change (CC) message.
  • CC knob: Use the MIDIpal as a knob to send any CC or NRPN message.
  • Controller: Up to 8 sensors / potentiometers (or any voltage source) can be connected to the MIDIpal board, turning it into a versatile “brain” for sensing applications.
MIDI setup plumbing
  • Dispatcher: Play a rack of monophonic synths like a polysynth. The MIDIpal will automatically route each note of a chord to a different MIDI channel.
  • Monitor: Sometimes things go wrong with a MIDI setup… Use the MIDIpal as a trusted source to display the stream of MIDI messages coming from a cable.
  • BPM counter: Use the MIDIpal to check the accuracy of a MIDI clock signal coming from a sequencer or drum machine.
  • Splitter: Control several synths from a single keyboard by routing one half of the keyboard to a MIDI channel, the other half to another.
  • Channel filter: Remove all MIDI messages coming from a specific channel.
  • Channel Merger: Merge several MIDI channels into a single MIDI stream.
  • Clock divider generates a slower subdivision of a MIDI clock.

The MIDIpal can also store 4 custom MIDI transform setups, each of them made of up to 4 filtering/remapping rules.

Other features
  • Powered by a 9V battery or a DC adapter.
  • The MIDIpal source code is and easily modifiable… So why not use it to implement your own MIDI transformation features?
  • The MIDIpal is open hardware. Use it as a foundation for your next project requiring MIDI event filtering or MIDI control; or embed one in your DIY instrument to extend its capacities.

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