Rare TRANSITIONAL Version of the V3 Fulltone OCD AKA V1.3 /V1 Series 3 Blue LED RICO Holy Grail TONE

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Rare transitionalversion of the Fulltone OCD Version 3. Please read below.There were VERY few of these produced as it was just a transitional model atthe end of the v3 production (aka v1.3 AKA "Version 1 series 3"). When these transitional models come up on reverb they sell quickly.The legendary OCD has had many versions and many ITERATIONS of thoseversions as well. Fulltone has been known to stay quiet about exactly how manychanges were made over the years, which has caused a lot of misinformation onthe internet, and the truth about the different iterations of the differentversions has been shrouded in mystery. Fulltone's website admits, " TheOCD has received many slight tweaks over the last 12 years." Unfortunatelythere is much confusion online about exactly how many versions and how manyiterations of those “versions” there are.I have owned a few dozen OCD's over the years, more than almost anyone who haswritten about them on the Internet, and I have seen first hand that there werea lot of changes throughout the v3 production, so I want to clear up some ofthe confusion.Let me shed some light on the mystery behind this legendary pedal and provideevidence with pictures.The picture(s) in the listing with the different OCD’s side-by-side shows THREE differentiterations of the V3 (aka v1.3) circuit before the appearance of the new v4circuit board (the v4 is the one all the way to the right in the picture). Youcan see clearly the same circuit board on the first three pedals (v3's), withdifferent variations (a few of the components [caps/resistors/transistors/diodes/etc] are different on each of thev3's).This "transitional" version for sale here is a late iteration of the v3where a few resistors were changed for a smoother response.  It is about98% identical to the earlier v3's, but very different from the v4. On the v4Fulltone introduced a new circuit board, a red LED, and black arrows around theknobs. This one has all of the older v3 attributes (Blue LED, same board, olderv3 housing, etc) as well. It was given a few new resistors at that time inFulltone’s history in order to give it a warmer tonal response.The pictures show side-by-side that this is the V3 circuit board and not thev4. The v3 circuit boards say “Fulltone OCD” on the left side, as does this v3transitional model.  The v4 has a new revamped circuit board that says“Fulltone OCD” in the middle.As further confirmation, the v4 sounds completely different (due to the newcircuit board).Only a few of these transitional models were produced at the end of theproduction of the v3 before the introduction of the v4 circuit board.The tone is very close to the earlier v3's, as you would expect since the circuitsare about 98% the same, but it has more depth and a smoother, warmer responsethan the earlier v3 iterations, as Mike Fuller was trying to tame the sound andmake it smoother and a touch more compressed. It was a great improvement fromMike on the v3, and was the last version that was still able to cut through themix in a live band setting while sounding HUGE, unlike the much muddier v4 (thev4 tends to get completely lost/washed up in the mix in a band setting,although admittedly, the v4 does sound good when you are playing alone).  So the later v3 "transitional" model has a nice warm, deep compressedtone, but with the character and breakup and ability to cut through the mixthat the earlier v3's have, all while of course retaining your guitar’s naturaltone. After A/B testing this against all other versions of the OCD – thetransitional v3 is my personal favorite, which led me to buy several of them -every one I could find over many years - they were hard to find! Happy to sellthis one although I will always keep one on my board. After trying over 100OD’s with my rig in a long tone quest, this is the warmest, fullest, mostnatural and smooth sounding OD that still cuts through the mix that I couldfind through a lot of time and effort and a LOT of pedals.In addition to sounding superb from light to medium to high gain OD, itsparkles at very low OD and boost settings, and cleans up well with guitar'svolume knob - very dynamic, very versatile. Sounds great with Strats, LesPauls, Teles, PRS’s, and just about any guitar you put in front of it, and anyamp you put after it. Must be heard in person to be fully enjoyed.I will ship with tracking to the countries below.I ship to:USACanadaUKAll countries in the EUAustraliaNZAll countries in ScandinaviaALL other countries not listed above: you may use a package forwarding companywithin the United States, and I will ship to the package forwarding company,who will then ship it to you. Or you may ship to your friend in the US who canship it to you, but I have had good experiences with package forwardingcompanies shipping things all over the world, and never had a bad experience.

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