Faux Fuzz NKT Germanium Pedal - Vintage Newmarket Transistors - Fuzz Face - Light Gray #275-11

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Designed after years of detailing the iconic vintage round fuzz boxes of the mid 1960's, the Faux Fuzz from 529 Electronics incorporates as many NOS parts as are available. One of the secrets of the tone here are the coveted Newmarket NKT germanium transistors.

These transistors (Q1: 68 hfe / Q2: 155 hfe) are at their best pushing a slightly overdriven amp (or running into an overdrive pedal), but still clean up slightly when rolling back on the guitar volume. Everything you expect from a vintage Fuzz Face.
  • NOS UK Newmarket NKT Transistors - (NKT 272 / 270x)
  • UK made Ohmeg Potentiometers
  • Vintage Style Brown Circuit Board Design
  • Yellow Mullard / Philips Chicklet Polyester Capacitor
  • NOS blue Sprague Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Allen Bradley Carbon Composition Resistors
  • Vintage Cliff Style Jacks
  • Vintage Style Battery Snap
  • Vintage Style Non-Alkaline, Zinc 9v Battery Included
Due to wide variances in transistors and the original pedal's fixed bias design (8.2k Resistor), many original units weren’t always stellar.  For these pedals I've modified the design, keeping a resistor on the board for aesthetics (it’s not connected in the circuit) and installed a hidden bias trimpot under the board to properly bias the transistors. Every unit is tested and biased to optimal sound before shipping!

Dimensions: 5.7" x 4.7" x 2.3"
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Made In USA

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