Technics SU-TX50 Integrated Amp Restoration Recap Kit

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About This Listing

Check our feedback, These kits are priced right and stocked with quality parts!

We now offer Wima film cap upgrades for all kits. You may, if you choose, upgrade all caps from 1uf to 4.7uf to Wima film caps at $1 each. The upgrade cost is only $1 per cap!!! If that interests you simply message us before ordering

This kit contains high quality parts for the restoration of this Technics receiver. Kits are available for most Vintage solid state receivers originally built in the 1970's. Let our knowledge and experience save you time and money!


We make kits for virtually all 1970's Stereo Receivers, including Marantz, Sansui, Kenwood, McIntosh, Scott and Harmon Kardon. Kits are also available for integrated amps, preamps and power amps. Message us and we'll be happy to quote you a price for your unit.

While each receiver is unique in the parts it uses, kits will include the following:

Capacitors - replacing electrolytics in any power, protection, power supply, tone and phono boards on the unit. Pansonic FC, Elna II's, Nichion Audio grade

Trimming pots to replace the unreliable originals. As a bonus the blue Bournstrimmers look cooler too.

Kits will also contain a number of transistors and/or diodes to replace known problematic (noisy, under powered, etc.) pieces that were originally provided. ON SEMICONDUCTOR

High Quality Caps! are exact uf (micro-farad) value replacements with voltage rated at, or often above, the original value used by Pioneer. Some caps are of higher capacitance to offer more filtering. We often bump up the filtering of the phono stage as an example. Smaller uf caps (1uf and lower) are replaced by higher quality film caps, while other caps under 10uf are audio grade Nichicon capacitors

All parts are stocked and kits are shipped within 48 hours (usually shorter) of purchase via USPS first class. Kits ship in box; NOT a padded envelope that offers too little protection. Our shipping price is at cost.

Unless the unit is clearly labeled in the picture, parts shown in the picture are for general reference only. Full restoration kits generally include 50-80 parts!

These kits do NOT contain the following: ANY parts for FM and AM tuning boards. Do NOT replace tuner caps or it will need to be realigned. Some smaller units combine tuner and preamp functions on one board, if so, the preamp parts are included.

The large main filter caps are not included. If not already shown in the bundle, ask, we may have the right filter caps for your unit but due to sizing and other considerations it is impossible for us to stock them for all units

You should know how to solder, desolder, etc. and have the temperament to be deliberate and careful in your work.

Your unit will sound better (tighter bass, better soundstage, cleaner highs, etc.) and be more reliable upon completing this restoration. It will sound like it did when it was made. If it hasn't been recapped, it doesn't now!

With rare deviation, all kits include components manufactured by:

  • Caps: Most above 10uf are Panasonic, their high quality FC series. Elna II's, Nichicon's and Wima's are used for smaller caps and audio critical spots. All are sourced from reputable distributors such as Mouser and Digikey.
  • Transistors: ON-Semiconductor
  • Relays, like the main filter caps vary greatly and are not included: All relays we stock are made by the industry leader, Omron. Most are drop in replacements. Some units used relays no longer made but Omron makes relays that work with slight modification
  • Trim Pots: All are high quality Bourns blue drop in replacements of a size and pin orientation of the originals. Trimpots for DC offset, bias and rail voltage are included if your4 unit uses them

Buying a kit from us is cost and time effective. All parts are sourced from reputable distributors such as Mouser and Digikey. There are NO counterfeit parts in any of our kits! We buy in bulk allowing our kit pricing to be competitive with distributor individual unit pricing. We also ship at half their cost.

We will ship internationally, message us for that rate if it's not already mentioned in the listing.

Need a specific resistor or another small part not included in the kit, just ask, a good chance we have it and with a kit purchase will sell it at cost. Example, a ½ watt resistor costs us about 3 cents, we'd send it free. Resistors, transistors, diodes, replacement knobs, so on and so forth are usually stocked. A replacement faceplate, probably not., though we do have a few of those too!

There are a few other kit sellers about offering kits at exorbitant prices and/or selling kits that include parts that need not be replaced. Replacing every part in your unit is not necessary, cost effective or smart; tracers lift etc. Our kits provide quality NEEDED parts at a reasonable cost.

Providing these kits, and the knowledge of our years of servicing vintage audio behind them, is gratifying. Knowing these beloved and valuable units will sound great and offer reliability for years to damn!

Each kit includes a two page instruction kit and sorted list of parts included.

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