Echopark Clarence Bass 2016 Fiesta Red

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Rare Echopark Clarence Bass. Very few ever made
Amazing tone and plays and feels like a vintage bass
Nice full 60’s P-Bass neck profile with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard
3 way switch and p and j pickup for a lot of cool sounds.
Lightly aged Fiesta Red nitro finish
This an amazing bass.
ships with COA and original case

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Excellent (Used)
Clarence Bass
Fiesta Red
Made In
United States

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Emporium of Rad
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Ashland, OR, United States


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We all love the thrill that comes with new gear and while its not widely condoned, it is natural to covet they neighbors gear.

Having said that, the Emporium of Rad is NOT SIR.
I worked there in my early twenties, I had lots of fun, carried lots of heavy stuff and ultimately pressed on… Because being on the receiving end of instrumentals sucks. So please remember when you make a purchase it’s a little like the Open Adoption analogy from Section 1 subsection B – Shipping. You wouldn’t bring home an elderly dog (i.e vintage), love it for a few days and then return it to the SPCA for no good reason.
So the return policy is impenetrable for the most part, please don’t buy it if you’re not going to love it and give it a good home.
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Call me maybe? (541) 308-6285

Last thing – I cannot offer a return or exchange on any item that is sold in As-Is condition. Please read listings thoroughly, I will always describe with as many details and photos as possible any “projects” or “as-is” sales.

Roxie, were you quietly really interested in Vintage Guitars all these years?
I play, authenticate, price and appraise all instruments I buy & sell.

So your listings can be funny, how do you come up with this stuff and do you have a staff?
I learned everything I know about comic timing from Vinnie Favorito. Look him up, I just did you a favor. I also write my own listings often with the help of my 10 year old son who has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the intricacies of vintage guitars and amps. Something he obviously picked up from his dad. I can admit I know just enough to be dangerous (as my daddy always told me). However I learned the power of Gruhns guide 20 years ago and you know, GOOGLE. I also rely on a little help from my friends when something stumps me and the kid. I'm also a perfectionist with OCD, so rest assured that no instrument or amplifier (or stop box for that matter) leaves my little showroom without receiving a granular level authentication plus, a kiss on the headstock or a pat on the knob before its expertly packed and out the door.
Can I call you?
Hella! Call me and quiz me. It’s a fun game that’s been going on for years.

Do you have a brick & mortar or do you participate in guitar shows?
No, I don’t have a traditional brick & mortar store anymore. I’ve got something better… A lovely showroom in my house a block from the plaza in Ashland, Oregon. I am always up for visitors especially if you wanna talk shop or get loud with me. Just call, text or email in advance so that I can prepare our tea & crumpets while the tubes are warming up...
Do you even play?
Yes, I turned out a bass player, through sheer luck and a case of the old right place at the right time. Please don’t be discouraged dear customer, my inventory is top notch and my buying power and taste are sound, or so I’m told.
I played guitar long before I figured out I’d have to play bass if I wanted to tour with the boys. Personal decision, no shade on the girls and the sisterhood. My point is that I've been the bored bass player lusting after those six strings of wonder & delight for so long I have a (reasonably unhealthy) passion for guitars as much as basses.

Which brings me to the next question I'm always asked...
Yes, I was married to the guitar guy on tv. No I don't want to talk about it. I will simply say that I'm kind of a brat and might have been a bit difficult to live with for 18 years, you don’t spend that many years in the trenches and not pickup a few things (or complete education)
PS. He really is that handsome in person.

Back to the semi-relevant stuff.
Do you really have a kid named Gibson?
Yes, my son is named Gibson. No, I do not have any more affinity for Gibson than Fender. His dad is a Les Paul guy and I’ve been dragging around the same old P bass for years. Truth be told my Grandmothers maiden name was Gibson... Its a strong name and he wears it well, not that anyone asked. He's also danged lucky that his middle name wasn't orange-satellite. I had to put my boot down on that one.

It looks like your location is Ashland Oregon, I thought you lived in Vegas?
Yes, I used to live in Las Vegas. It was hard and hot and not a place I really miss. I learned a lot and have no regrets, but have found collecting & selling these instruments while I enjoy time with my kids is far more fulfilling.

Whats up with your store? It looks like you have sell purses too?
No, you are not crazy. Those are definitely luxury handbags some as high as 9k that you see on my website: It may seem like an unlikely combination at first but if you've ever lessened the blow of your wife's reaction to that new guitar you didn't hide the refuse of packing materials quick enough to conceal the glory of a new instrument. Well gentlemen, let me guide you. Check back dates/times for the webinar: How to keep the missus happy while also growing your vintage collection 101. Your welcome in advance.

Last question…brace yourself, it’s a doozy:
Are you single, can I call you, did you get my text???????
Yeah, I'm stilll pretty hot for an almost 40 year old mom. No I don't want to talk about it. I still play fairly often and I totally love counseling my customers thru the trials & tribulations of their next purchase, But I do NOT love receiving weird pics on the internet. We're all adults here and share the same quest for tone that has become both a blessing and a curse, we are civilized. Lets act like it, savages!

Let’s celebrate together the true end of my manifesto and this teenage obsession that never went away. Its time to BUY or at least lust after my super siiiiiick inventory.
Don’t be shy, reach out if you have questions.
The end.


Emporium of Rad

Ashland, OR, United States
Joined: Mar 2019

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