A+ Everest M - Reverb-Delay

As any mountain climber would tell you, reaching one peak will always make you crave for another. Here at A+, we are ascending our next slope: the Everest M.

The Everest M is a new revision of the Everest reverb/delay pedal. It retains the gorgeous sounds and simple controls of the original, adding new features for greatly improved functionality.


  • 6 reverb and delay algorithms
  • Infinity Mode (infinite sustain)
  • Delay and reverb run in parallel. Either effect can be added to the mix at a desired level or turned off
  • Fully analog dry signal path
  • Switchable reverb tails in bypass
  • Kill Dry (the option to completely remove the dry signal from the mix)


  1. The REVERB knob controls reverb volume. Turn this knob fully CCW to disengage the reverb
  2. The MIX knob controls the volume of the wet signal
  3. The REGEN knob simultaneously controls delay feedback and reverb decay
  4. The TIME knob controls delay time and affects reverb decay for effect sync. Turn this knob fully CCW to disengage the delay
  5. The MODE switch selects one of the six reverb/delay algorithms
  6. The BYPASS switch is multifunctional:
    • Press once to turn the effect on/off
    • Press and hold to go into the infinite sustain mode (Infinity Mode)
    • Press and hold while selecting an algorithm to access Bank 2

List of Algorithms:

Some sounds were exclusively created for the Everest M, while others were ported from the original and improved upon.

The algorithms are split into two banks; each bank contains three sounds. Bank 1 holds extended versions of the original Everest algorithms with access to Infinity Mode. Bank 2 contains new sounds.

Flick the MODE switch to select an algorithm from Bank 1. Press and hold the bypass switch while flicking the MODE switch to access the sounds from Bank 2.

Bank 1 (Blue LED). Selectable by the MODE switch:

  • Up: Moonshine
    The initial delay repeats and reverb reflections are accompanied by octave sounds for a weird, otherworldly effect
  • Center: Eclipse
    Modulated delay repeats and solemn reverb reflections make for a perfect soundscape of the Himalayas at dusk
  • Down: Sunshine
    A sunny, snowy and frosty morning right atop the Everest. The delay and reverb in this mode are so bright and cold they will send shivers down your spine!

Bank 2 (Red LED). Selectable by the MODE switch while the BYPASS footswitch is held down::

  • Up: Low
    A loud lower octave with a long decay is mixed into the reverb reflections. Together with filtered delay repeats, this creates a powerful low-frequency pad
  • Center: Tape
    Modulated tape-style delay with characteristic repeat degradation is accompanied by dark vintage reverb
  • Down: Digital
    Clean delay repeats with no audible degradation (like the ones in vintage digital delay machines) coupled with bright reverb reflections make for a very “transparent” mode

Infinity Mode (Infinite Sustain)

Press and hold the bypass switch for more than 0.3 seconds to enter Infinity Mode which simulates turning the REGEN knob to the max. In this mode, reverbs become infinite or very long (2–5 minutes), delays go into maximum feedback, and the LED starts flashing in two colors. Release the bypass switch to let REGEN go back to the setting of the knob.

Bypass and Indication

The Everest M utilizes active bypass. The dry signal is unaffected. Due to the active bypass, there is no audible clicking, and two independent global modes are available:

  1. Tails: Only the input is engaged when the bypass switch is pressed. This way, reverb tails keep playing after the effect has been turned off
  2. Kill Dry: The dry signal is completely removed from the mix

Selecting the Bypass Mode:

  1. Set the MODE switch to the position corresponding to the global bypass mode you wish to turn on or off:
    • Up: Tails
    • Down: Kill Dry
  2. Press and hold the BYPASS footswitch
  3. Unplug the power supply cable from the pedal, then plug it back in
  4. The LED will light up in violet. When it turns off or starts flashing, release the BYPASS footswitch
  5. The global mode status has been changed (e.g. if the tails mode was previously disengaged, it has now been turned on, and vice versa)

Indication on Power-Up

When the pedal is powered up, the LED color indicates the global mode(s) that are currently engaged:

  • No indication: classic mode (Tails OFF, Kill Dry OFF)
  • Blue: Tails ON, Kill Dry OFF
  • Red: Tails OFF, Kill Dry ON
  • Violet: both Tails and Kill Dry are ON

Indication in Use

When the effect is engaged, the LED color indicates the active sound bank:

  • Blue: Bank 1
  • Red: Bank 2
  • Flashing in blue and red: Infinity Mode active


  • Max delay time is 0.85 seconds
  • The pedal’s current draw may reach 80mA, so battery life is unlikely to exceed 1 or 2 hours. For regular use, it is strongly recommended to use a matching PSU
  • Algorithms in banks 1 and 2 are coupled by their general character: bright / dark / octave


  • Power supply: 9V DC 80mA, negative tip, 2.1/5.5mm. Use a regulated PSU only
  • Dimensions: 111х67х50mm (4.37x2.63x1.97”)
  • Weight: 240g (0.5lb)

Product Specs

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Brand Shift Line
Model A+ Everest M
Finish Black
Categories Delay, Reverb
Year 2019
Made In Russian Federation

Great communication , fast and safe shipping , and an Oustanding reverb !

Rich H. - January 24, 2020

Gregory O. - January 23, 2020

Superb pedal, quick shipping, thanks!

Etienne B. - January 20, 2020

Phenomenal pedal.

Matthew C. - January 19, 2020

Very good products made by very good guys, thank you!

Fabien S. - January 12, 2020

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