Grp Synthesizer A2 (free MIDI cable included)

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My Two Cents:
This is a REAL analog semi-modular synthesizer. In true Grp fashion, all the knobs move so smooth, the switches have a real nice solid click, the sound of the oscillators are unbeatable, and the flexibility of this thing (without being fully modular) is just unmatched. This is the closest you'll get to a top-of-the-line, fully modular synthesizer set up, at a fraction of the cost. It's great.

The only reason I'm selling it is because I simply cannot afford to have it any more, alas. You'll notice that it has a few scars, but (as you'll read below) this unit is built like a tank, and the cosmetics have absolutely no effect on the sound or functionality. Everything works beautifully, and it runs like a dream. I'm sad to see it go, but I think you'll have fun with it!


A little great analog synthesizer with all the Grp heritage of sound and capabilities. Wide 8 vertical space in 5U format or, if you prefer, optionally rack mountable, with a wooden sided dedicated cabinet, the Grp A2 Analog Synthesizer has MIDI In and Analog CV/Gate connections. It offers two big oscillators with the classic analog waveforms , from Grp, Plus Super Saw and Super Triangle; the great 12dB/Oct ; Grp State Variable Filter, one Ring Modulator (have you ever tried to ring modulate a 9-components Super Saw?), One Noise Generator, one Amplifier, one Master Out section with a couple of gorgeous analog Vumeters. There are a couple of Envelope Generators, the Filter-dedicated one with Looping capabilities as on big Grp A4 Synth and a couple of LFOs/Modulation Routings.

The on board Arpeggiator can be clocked by Internal Clock, ExternalAnalog Clock or MIDI Clock; easy and fun, it's a breeze to use. Grp A2 Analog Synthesizer is built like a tank. But is far more dangerous.


Voltage Controlled Oscillator 1, 2
Wide audio range (32’-2’) w. Tune & Fine
Five analog waveforms (Triangle, Triangle & Saw summed, Saw, Saw & Variable Pulse summed, Variable Pulse); SuperSaw and SuperTriangle (only VCO2)
manual PW & PWM;
FM Exp w. Amt (from VCLFO1, LFO2, VCO1, 2, Noise, RM, S&H,EG1, EG2, Aft, ModW, VCF Out) w. phase rev
Hard sync (VCO 1 master)
Kybd on/off

Ring Modulator
Ring Mod Sources: VCO1 & VCO2.

Noise Generator
White Noise.

Audio Mixer
Separate level controls for VCO 1, 2, Ring Mod, Noise.

Filter Section
12 dB/Oct State Variable
Mode (12dB HP, 6 dB BP, 12 dB LP, 6 dB Notch)
Cutoff Frequency; Resonance
FM Amt (from   VCLFO1, LFO2, VCO 1, 2, Noise, RM, S&H, EG2, Aft, ModW, Bend)
Kybd Track 0-120%

Filter section can be configured in Direct Out (LP goes on Left Audio Out, HP goes on Right AudioOut).

Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Dedicaded Envelope Generator (see below)
Control Selection (dedicated EG2, ON-hold, External CV)

Stereo Main
Master Volume, analog Vu-meters.

Envelope Generator 1
Multi Stage Loopable Env (Attack, Decay, Sustain Lev, Sustain Time-Only in Loop On, Release);
EG Amt
EG time goes from 1msec to 20 sec.
Loop Envelope: loop from Attack to Release, w. Sustain Time selectable.
Loop Mode Switch: Loop Off: EG as standard ADSR, no Sustain Time.
Gate: EG loops from A to S (w. Sustain Time max 60”) as long as Gate is On.
Auto: EG full loop, from A to R; independent from Gate.

Envelope Generator 2
Attack ,Decay/Release

Voltage Controlled Low Frequency 1
Frequency (from very low to 2500 Hz)
Waveform (Square, Triangle, Saw, Ramp)
FM Amt , FM Sources (Key, LFO)
Key Sync (Off – On)
Shaping LFO out (from: Hold,Aft,ModW)

Voltage Controlled Low Frequency 2
Freq Range (Low-Mid-High)
Waveform (Triangle, Square)
Shaping Select (Hold, Aft, ModW)
Indipendent Send Modulations for: VCO 1, 2; VCF Cutoff.

Sample & Hold
Frequency Source (Int, Gate,Ext)
LED Frequency
S&H Source (Noise, LFO2)
The S&H Clock can be routed to EG firing; there are three options: Off – no routing; Gate – the S&H clock is ANDed with keyb/ext/manual Gate; Auto – EGs always fired from S&H.

Tuning - Midi
Master Tune
Portamento Time
Bend Amount
VCO 1 Portamento On/Off
VCO 1 Bend On/Off
Hold On/Off
Midi to CV On/Off
MIDI Interface: MIDI channel set at Power-On w. First MIDI Note received
A2 receives: MIDI Note On/Off, Bend, Modulation, Aftertouch, Damper, MIDI Clock.

Frequency and PW Gate (Legato/Staccato)
Controls Run/Stop user’s selectable,
Hold Mode for latching arpeggio
Selectable Advance Mode (Up, Down, U/D, Random);
Arpeggio Step Repeat (1x no repeat, 2x, 3x);
Arpeggio Octave Range (x1, x2, x3, x4)
Arpeggio Clock Source Selectable (Internal, External Analog Pulse, MIDI Clock)
Arpeggio Step Size (quarter note, eight note, sixteen note)

Audio: Stereo Phones Out; Left/LP Out; Right/HP Out.
CV Control In 1: Tip = Filter Cutoff CV In / Ring = LFO 1 Rate CV In
CV Control In 2: Tip = Amp Level CV In / Ring = VCO 2 Frequency CV In
External Analog Keyboard In: CV 1 (1V/Oct), Gate In (0/+5V)
ARP/S&H Clock In: External Clock In

Product Specs

Very Good (Used)
Very Good items may show a few slight marks or scratches but are fully functional and in overall great shape.learn more
Brand GRP
Model Synthesizer A2
Finish Natural Wood / Black
Categories Analog Synths, Modular Synths
Made In Italy

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