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Brand new, 2 months old and only 30 mins on tubes.  I just don't use it, sits in the corner.  It is just like new, it sounds great, but not using it because I also have a Fender amp for practice and studio.  
Well the cat decided to scratch a bit of the tolex on the both edges on the backside, so it is not mint any longer.

I still have original packaging and boxes.

I will accept trades also, make me an offer.
I am interested in Marshall head or combos.

From Line 6 website:
  • Flexible tube section designed by tube-amp guru Reinhold Bogner
  • Instantly reconfigurable per channel
  • Selectable operating class (Class AB/25 Watts/Fixed Bias or Class A/10 Watts/Cathode Biased)
  • Selectable power tube mode (Pentode or Triode)
  • Four unique Voicings (negative feedback loop topologies paired with HD preamp and tone stack modeling):
    • Classic American Clean/Tight NFL
    • British Crunch/Medium NFL
    • Class A Chime/Zero NFL
    • Modern, High-Gain/Resonant NFL
  • (1) 12AX7, (2) EL84 tubes
  • Custom Celestion® G12H90 speaker
  • 4/8/16 ohm speaker outputs
  • Series effects loop
  • Intuitive, 2-channel design
  • Back-lit front panel
  • HD amp modeling technology fuels each Voicing’s preamp and tone stack, and automatically pairs them with corresponding Bogner-designed dynamic analog circuitry
  • Modeled spring reverb with individual level control per channel
  • Cabinet-simulated direct output
  • Low Volume Mode provides cranked up tube tone at whisper-quiet volume
  • Speaker jack-sensing provides relay driven output transformer protection circuit
  • L6 LINK connects DT25 to POD HD for additional effects, amp voicings and instant scalability (including stereo operation with multiple DT25 amplifiers) – all controlled by any L6 LINK™ equipped POD® HD
  •  expands the HD preamp count from four to 30, lets you configure your own custom voicings, and more

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Line 6
DT25 112 Combo
Brown Tolex
Guitar Combos

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