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For sale is this vintage 1964 Fender Princeton Reverb -Amp AA764 electric guitar amplifier. This particular pre-CBS sans-logo example, serial A00281, is in near mint original condition and includes; the original footswitch and the original Victoria vinyl cover! This incredibly pristine late-’64 example features all first-year characteristics, such as, the “Fender Elect. Instr. Co.” face plate and lack of raised logo on the grill, and is a very rare pre-CBS example. This incredible amp is becoming increasingly more difficult to find in such well-preserved time-capsuleesque cosmetic condition, so take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Serial Number: A00281
Transformer Codes: -606250, -606-4-39, -606-4-45
Tube Chart: NL (December 1964)
Speaker Code: 465-442 (Oxford)

This ’64 Fender Princeton Reverb feautres: (1) original Amperex GZ34 rectifier tube, (2) original RCA 6V6 power tubes (circa late-’63), (1) RCA 12AT7, (1) RCA 12AX7, (1) Mullard 12AX7 and (1) Philips 12AT7 (all original) tubes through the original 1 x 10″ Oxford 10J4-3 speaker.

As stated, this amp is in near mint condition, and aside from a few replaced caps and an updated 3 prong power cable, this amp is 100% original. The speaker, transformers, and the tubes are all original. Enthusiasts, collectors, and players alike will find this example quite attractive. It is a great sounding amp, and will always remain a choice investment.

This very early example features a late-’62 choke, a rare early-variety Fender cover with the logo on the left side, and is the 281st Princeton Reverb ever made.

Product Specs

Princeton Reverb
Guitar Combos, Vintage (pre-1980)
Made In:
United States

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Joined Reverb: Jan 20, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

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We accept Paypal, and have the account arranged so that you can pay with all credit cards, as well as, fund the purchase directly through your bank account.

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Available for local pickup from Los Angeles, CA

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Continental U.S.

Since this item is both fragile and sensitive, it will be shipped professionally with all new packing materials, and the box will be reinforced with heavy gauge cardboard staples for maximum rigidity. It will also be shipped with insurance in the total amount of the total sale. International customers will receive an additional invoice on the exterior, in an envelope marked "invoice," for expedited customs processing. Though our default shipper is USPS, we have commercial accounts with UPS and FedEx, and would be more than happy to accommodate whichever method you prefer.

Shipping and handling will be:

- FREE within the Continental U.S.A.
- $99 to Canada
- $149 to Europe
- $199 to: South America/Australia/New Zealand/Spain/Portugal/Middle East/Asia/Africa/China/RussianFederation/Ukraine

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