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The -Osage Organ- from Ellitone Instruments is a Polyphonic (15 Voice) Digital (32-bit) Wavetable Vector Synthesizer.

The Power and Unique Tonalities created by this Instrument Derive from its ability to Dynamically Cross-fade or "Morph" between 4 different Waveform Shapes in real time.

The Control Interface for this Synthesizer is arranged into 3 paneled sections, these 3 sections consist of 2 Identical -Vector Chord-Engines- and a Middle Panel for Global Pitch Settings.

Each of these Vector Chord-Engines are essentially a complete and independent polyphonic vector synthesizer by themselves. Interesting tones and textures are created by mixing and layering the
2 Vector Chord-Engines together.
Each of these Vector Chord-Engines operates by Manipulating 2 Waveforms at a time (waveforms A&B or C&D). You can quickly start shaping a new tone on just one of the Vector Chord-Engines by pushing the Wooden
Waveform select keys, this action loads a new random waveshape into that wave slot. The 200 internal waveform shapes were designed and crafted exclusively for this instrument. Included is a library of rich
Custom shapes with an emphasis on Irregular Sines and Triangles, FM Overtones, and Double Saw shapes.

Once you have found/loaded 2 waveshapes you are pleased with, use the Manual Wave-Blend Slider located between the Wooden wave keys to manually Morph between the 2 shapes. A wide range of harmonic sculpting can be achieved using just the Manual Wave-Blend Slider, but the Real power of this Synthesizer is unlocked by adding Motion (Modulation) to this blend between the 2 waveform Oscillators.

This Motion between the 2 waveshapes is shaped using 3 controls: Vector Mod (Shape), (Amount), (Speed). This Vector Mod Section is essentially a configurable LFO that Automates the blend mix position between the 2 chosen waveforms for that Vector Chord-Engine.

Toggling the (Shape) switches located on each V:C-Engine will randomly select and load a new LFO shape from the waveform library. Each V:C-Engine also has an Amp (Decay) control which has a range from -No Sustain- to a -15-Second- Amplitude Decay Time.      

Once you've crafted a Living, Morphing Tone on one of the V:C-Engines, you can now beginning crafting an entirely different Tone on the 2nd V:C-Engine to Layer on top of the first.

Layering of the 2 Engines results in Massive Polyphonic Sounds filled with Contrasting Rhythmic Modulations and Tonal Morphing. The V:C-Engines can either be tuned Together, Octaves apart, or any interval relation using the (Engine 2 Pitch) Control knob located on the center control panel.

Below the Control Interface lies the newly designed "soft-touch" Keybed. 15 full-sized Wooden keys are arranged in western temperament scaling (12 notes per octave). Using the Master Pitch control, these 15 notes can be fluidly tuned to reside anywhere from inaudibly low frequencies up to searing high-bells and whistles.

The -Osage Organ- is powered by a 32-bit Cortex M4 processor. This processor outputs audio data directly to a specialized Audio Codec Chip and Headphone Amplifier which delivers stunning 44.1 kHz Noise Free Audio to an 1/8 inch jack located on the back of the Synthesizer.

Power this instrument using the USB port located next to the Audio Output Jack.

A quality USB Cable and Power Supply are Included!

Ellitone only uses the most premium hardwoods available to build instruments. The pictured Unit is made from Walnut, Cedar, and White Oak; sealed and protected with Boiled Linseed Oil.


-Osage Organ Unit-
-USB Cable-
-USB Power Supply-
-Wooden Ellitone Pendant-

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