Modular: Mammoth Large-Format MU System with many extras.

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Large-format modular system offers: 190 Modules. In addition, there are various power-related modules, mounted in the front and the rear.

I have $60,000 invested in this system. At the current price, I am down over $17,000, as well as hundred of hours of labor, therefore, I most likely will not lower this price. This is a killer deal, and will allow anyone to enter the modular market in a huge way in a fraction of the time at a huge savings. To the best of my knowledge, this is the 3rd most powerful large-format system in existence.                                             

                        For your consideration, a comparison:

The Moog IIIP System: $35,000, Dual Sequencer $9,750, 5-octave controller $1,099 for a total of $45,849 

Features: 10 VCOs, 4 filters, 2 sequencers, 1 controller, 1 spring reverb

My system, largely modeled after many of the Moog modules, has roughly 3 times the power, It's also more reliable, open ended, and holds it calibration.

Features: 30 full-range discreteVCOs, 14 filters, 5 sequencers, 10 discrete FX units, 2 controllers+ 10 live performance modifiers, for a total of $42,500

The Moog system, has successfully accomplished cloning the problems and limitations of the past, seemingly for posterity or sentimental appeal. I owned a System 55 re-issue and not only did it have problems that could only be solved by Moog, it didn't sound like the units produced in the 60's and 70's. You can't install any active 3rd-party modules into the Moog module bay, they have a power incompatibility that cannot be modified. A great deal of the Moog's valuable panel's real estate is wasted on antiquated control-voltage interfaces (i.e. there's NO MIDI). Aside from the patch-cords, the cabling is odd and exclusive. Does it look awesome? It surely does; and for $45K it better, because eventually its looks will be all thats left.

My system doesn’t duplicate 50-yr old shortcomings and calibration issues. This system is vastly more open-ended and more “modular.”

The system is 275 MU’s front face panels spaces plus 32-more in the rear.

It has taken over a year to purchase and assemble all of the modules: this system is completely ready to use. Most of this system is housed in solid walnut cabinetry.

There are a few modules I bought in used condition, but the vast-majority are new purchases. The cabinetry, controllers, and cabling are all new. After assembly, this system has not been moved, exposed to smoke, or touched by anyone but me.

The entire system is in excellent condition, with a couple of VERY minor scuffs where modules have been periodically installed and/or relocated.

Regrettably, this system got EXTREMELY LITTLE USAGE, and was left powered-OFF when not in use, sometimes months at a time.

I estimate a third of the modules have never been used.

As you can see, a higher percentage of this system is comprised of products, a solid/secure company who has steadily dominated the large-format modular world with superbly built and designed products. Their reputation is 2nd-to-none. The customer support is excellent and their facebook page is very useful. In addition, there are MANY instructional youtube videos, which are VERY helpful. This entire system is functioning properly with no known calibration issues.

I have documentation for most modules, that I have painstakingly collated, hole-punched, and arranged in a comprehensive binder.

One of the 22-space cabinets has a small ding (3/4") on the front lip which could be repaired with a small amount of wood-putty and stain.The 22-space cabinets have warped slightly due to exposure to environmental differences between Texas and the WV Ohio River Valley where it currently resides.

Shipping this system will indeed be a massive chore: It will take at least 11 individual large boxes, with a gross weight of approximately 800 pounds, and would fill a utility shipping van completely. Everything will be well labeled and super easy to assemble: it will take longer to unbox and unwrap the units than it will take to set it up. It will absolutely require 2 people to set-up, a couple of phillips screwdrivers, and a decent box cutter.

Shipping and insurance (especially the insurance) will easily cost upwards of $4,000 to the lower 48. While its not required, I HIGHLY recommend you get a friend, rent a van, and make a road trip out of it. This will not only save you a LOT of money, but you can check out the system in person, and it will have a safer trip back home. I have the factory boxes which include wood panels for extra support/protection. I also have retained many of the small boxes the individual modules were shipped in, which may come in handy if you ever decide to sell individual modules for whatever reason.It would take upwards of 6 months to get all of these modules (and a couple of these you may not able to get at all) and a significant amount of time to install and wire the modules, and assemble the large manual binder.

It also took 2 full days to convert 16 of the modules into their current revised versions. I have done all of this work for you.

Will I ship to other countries? Yes, but ONLY on the condition that ALL: shipping fees, exporting/ importing issues, paperwork, scheduling and inspections, and liabilities are covered by the purchaser. If sale is local pick-up, method of payment is Paypal (or cash) only. If being shipped: bank wire or Paypal.


# of units//Model #//Model name

(3) Q105 Slew Rate

(8) Q106 Oscillator

(9) Q106A Oscillator

(5) Q107A SV Filter

(11)Q108 Amplifier

(8) Q109 Envelope Generator

(3) Q110 Noise

(3) Q111 Pan/Fade

(1) Q112 4-Channel Mixer

(4) Q113 8-Channel mixer

(1) Q114 Mixer ++

(2) Q115 Spring Reverb w/ chambers

(3) Q116 Ring Modulator

(4) Q117 Sample & Hold

(2) Q118 Instrument Interface

(1) Q119 24-step sequencer controller

(1) Q122 Passive Mini Jack Interface (8X” TS panel)

(2) Q123 Standards

(9) Q124 Multiples (3X4 per module)

(3) Q125 Signal Processor

(2) Q127 Fixed Filter Bank

(3) Q128 Switch

(2) Q130 Clipper/Rectifier

(2) Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid

(1) Q142 Pedal Interface

(2) Q143 Presets

(2) Q146 Normalization

(3) Q147 Distributor

(2) Q148 VCA ++

(1) Q149 Signal Selector-(passive)

(3) Q150A Ladder Filter

(2) Q155 Curver Module

(2) Q157 Sample & Hold ++

(2) Q161 VCO Waveform mixer

(4) Q167 LFO++

(1) Q170 MIDI Gates

(2) Q171 Quantizer Bank

(2) Q172 Quantizer Aid

(2) Q173 Gate Math

(3) Q174 MIDI Interface

(3) Q175 MIDI Interface Aid

(4) Q179 Envelope Generator ++

(1) Q181 Controller Interface: dual axis whammy bar(V1)

(1) Q181 Expression block (EB)

(1) Q181 Touch Pad

(2) Q182 Q182W(2) dual pitch-wheel/mod wheel**

(1) Q182kp Big pressure knob

(1) Q182ts Small thumb-stick knob

(1) Q182rp20WController Interface

w/large ribbon controller and cable

(1) Q192 Bat Meter

(very rare and no longer for sale from company)

(2) Q960 24-step Sequencer Controller

(2) Q961 Interface

(3) Q962 Sequential Switch

(2) Q963 Trigger Bus

Power components:

(2)Q101 Power switch module

(2)Q102 Power AC module for the back

(5)Q103 DC interface module

(4) QH20- Power harness for 20 modules

(4) QH40- Power harness for 40 modules

(2) QPS3- Large power supply

(4) QPS-4 Small external power supply

(2) QPS2- External all-in-one power system with 8-module harness.

(3) QPS1- Small power supplies

Q1C DC 24” and 48” din power cables (cabinet-to-cabinet)

(there is another power supply from an unknown party, single space, mounted on the front panel thats also has (2) 4-point mults)


(4) QCS22 22-space walnut- rectangular

(4) QCS44 44-space walnut- wedge

(2) QCC Crown

(4) Special packing for wedge cabinet

(1) QCP11 11-space cabinet with QH20 harness.  

(This is made of MDF fiberboard and covered in tough black vinyl, reinforced/covered corners.)

(The feet were removed from this cabinet, but I have retained them.)

(3) QCB4 Box-4 Assemblies

(2) QCB Full sets of cabinet brackets


(1) QKB61 5-Octave keyboard w/MIDI

(1) QKB37 3-Octave keyboard w/MIDI

(4) QKB-SS-W Walnut sides

(1) QHS 36-cable holder

(1) QHL 156-cable holder

(192) QP4MM “Studio” patch-cords of various lengths

(1) 1483-Mic stand

(1) Furman PL-8 power strip- entire system funnels down to this trip,

you will only need 1 outlet for the whole system

(2) LeLife touch lights on gooseneck.

    These clamp on the top edge and can easily be moved.

(10) Various 1 and 2 space blank panels (mounted on rear)

Spare Parts:

- package of module mounting-screws

- (1) 24’’ and (1) 36” Q1C din power cables

- (1) QH20- Power harness for 20 modules

- (15) Spare large knobs

- (12) Spare pots and TS plugs, both with PCB harnesses

- Both modulars systems have front and back custom name plates.

- Both modulars systems have front and rear-mounted power modules.


                             OTHER COMPANY MODULES:

Synth Cube

(1) Jupiter Storm, Hex (multi-noise generator)

    (bought used)

(1) Dual 258J Analog Oscillator (2 discrete VCOs)

STG Sound Labs

(1) Pulse Matrix Comparator

**(1) Switch

(1) Mankato Filter (bought used)

(1) Mixer (5-channel) (bought used)

FSFX (Free State FX)

(4) 101 Macro Digital Oscillator

(1) 102 Granular Audio Processor

(1) 106 Son of Storm Tide Flanger

(1) 107 Supra Resonator (discontinued)

(1) 108 Ornament & Crime (single space)

(1) 109 Tau Pipe Phaser

(1) Digital Delay Line (Eventide)

(1) Custom Shop Eventide H-9 Harmonizer-MAX *

SSL ( Synthetic Sound Labs)

(1) 1350 FX Capacitor

(2) 1310 Digital Delay        

(2) 1130 Ian Fritz Double Deka Ultrasonic Oscillators

(2) 1420 Scat Talker

( sweep thru hundreds of different vowel sounds with CV!)

(1) Ian Fritz 5-Pulser

(1) 1451 Jean-Jacques Perrey “Samplecorder”

GRP Synthesizer

(1) R-24 24-step sequencer, very powerful. (rare, highly coveted, and expensive)  Unit can be restored to its original stand-alone status simply by installing it back into its original factory chassis and power supply (included in sale)

Moon Modular

(1) 511AC Quad Voltage Gate Delay

(1) 506 Voltage Controlled Modifier

Happy Nerding

(1) Sawtor (bought used)

Oakley Sound Systems

(1) ADSR VCA (bought used)

££(1) Triple LFO: (bought used)

Synthesis Technology

(2) Morphing Terrarium (custom built conversion from eurorack)


££(1) Thomas Henry Mega Percussive Synth

Analog Craftsman

(1) 4046 Oscillator (ARP 2600)

(1) 2600 Filter (ARP 2600)

(1) ACBMS/R passive 4-channel switcher


(1) DR-01 Bass Drum

*= still under warranty

££: These 2 modules are slightly smaller than a standard MU-format module,(MOTM) and as such, the mounting holes are slightly closer to each other both vertically and horizontally.This makes for a less secure mount, and also required a spacer that I custom-made to fill the gap (see photo). Special care should be taken if ever these modules are to be removed. I suggest for the future that either a thicker ledge be mounted inside that cabinet at these points OR the holes in the module itself be lengthened vertically. Also, these required a different power header configuration.

** The pre-drilled hole on the bottom-row mounting-strip was askew in the cabinet where this module resides. To correct this on the wooden mounting ledge meant risking a larger unusable hole, so I made the mounting hole in the module itself a little larger.


1- Eight mini-to-1/4” cables are included which I have labeled.

2- MACKIE 1402VLZ4 14-channel Mixer. Depending how you configure your monitoring from the modular, you might need a lot of channels for a submix.

The mixer also comes in handy if you want to use its aux sends with any of the multiple FX this modular system has. Also, it allows you to use headphones to hear everything without firing up your speakers.

3- Shure SM58 dynamic microphone and cable. You will want this for the sampler module.


1- Custom made labeled 6-channel long TS snake (comes in handy!)

2- Customized manual binder

3- (3) Long MIDI cables

4- (2) Matching shelving units on castors, safely holds each modular tower

 and allows easy access/moving.

5- Custom name plates mounted front and rear

As stated earlier, a good deal of this modular has not been used- the jacks are virgin.

I have spent MANY hours of labor assembling this system, and the binder.

Some of these modules took a long time to come in, and some are rare.

(Shipping rate is NOT a binding estimate)

This item is sold As-Described

This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.

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