Kilpatrick Audio Carbon - 6 track poly MIDI & CV performance sequencer / Arp

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Excellent condition!
In box. Like new.

6 Polyphonic tracks with two assignable outputs per track. Up to 64 steps per track. Polyrhythms!

Polyphonic tracks store chords and CC data (6 events per step)

USB Host port

Interface mode for USB, MIDI, CV.

4x CV and and Gate outs
2 MIDI DIN5 outs, 1 MIDI in

CARBON Specs and Features:

Pattern-based sequencer, performance control system and USB interface
Beautiful colour LCD screen shows everything in real-time
Six rotary encoders and nineteen buttons offer fast intuitive control

MAGIC Settings

The MAGIC mode (SHIFT + DIR) will seed the current notes in the selected tracks with random data. This can be useful in conjunction with the TONALITY settings to create useful melodies to get inspired by.

You can adjust how MAGIC produces notes with the following settings:

Magic Chance - Affects how likely it is that a note will be produced. You can select a probabiltiy of 1-100%.
Magic Range - Affects the range of possible notes that can be generated. You can select a range of 0 to 36 semitones plus or minus middle C. This means that a range of 0 will only allow middle C to be generated, and a range of 36 will allow notes up to 36 semitones higher and lower than middle C to be generate

Playback start and end points are uniquely configurable for each track
Gate pattern function offers quick remixes each track
Multiple track select allows adjusting multiple track parameters at the same time
Tap tempo and fractional BPM setting for perfect timing adjustment
High resolution internal clock source never drifts or jitters
Swing control with automatic handling of tracks with different time divisions
Flexible MIDI and CV routing allows huge control possibilities
Bias tracks allow transposing of other tracks for oldschool sequencer tricks
Six scenes offer fast parameter changes during live performance
LIVE mode allows live performance from a keyboard
Keyboard transpose mode allows transposition during playback
Internal 2MB flash memory offers storage for 64 songs - Upload and download from PC or Mac (software required - TBD)
Keyboard split and LIVE multi-select modes allow fast and flexible live MIDI routing
Powerful arpeggiator on every track can be used live or with sequence playback
Rock-solid MIDI / analog clock source can be the heartbeat of your studio
Complete open source firmware uses free development tools - ready for your own hacks! We also have a repository on GitLab: CARBON repo on GitLab
Rear panel connections / controls:
Analog clock and reset outputs (0V/+5V)
Four CV outputs (-5V to +5V - 1V/octave digitally calibrated)
Four gate outputs (0V/+5V)
Two MIDI output ports (separately assignable)
MIDI input port
USB host port - provides up to 500mA to power USB controllers
USB device port - connects to PC or Mac for use as a MIDI interface and controller

CV Polyphonic Modes

Quad Mode (AAAA) - uses all four outputs for polyphonic playing
Dual Mode (AABC or AABB) - uses pairs out outputs for duophonic mode
CC output to CV

The recorded CC can be output to a CV jack.

CV Scaling

1V/octave supported (-5V to +5V range)
1.2V/octave supported (-5V to +5V range)
Hz/volt not supported (future firmware may support this)
USB Host Support

USB host port is a powered USB host for up to one class-compliant USB MIDI endpoint (hubs or devices with internal hubs are not supported) - up to 500mA of power supplied
USB Device Support acts as a self-powered device with class-compliant USB MIDI connection supports MIDI to/from CARBON including clock syncing with computer allows firmware update to device from Kilpatrick-supplied update software
Inter-track Modulation Capabilities

CARBON supports "bias" tracks which can be used to transpose one track from another. So imagine track 1 is playing a 16th note pattern and track 2 is playing whole notes. If track 1's bias track is set to track 2, it will be transposed once per bar by the track 2 sequence. Since a few tracks can use the same bias track, it's possible to program an automatically transposing sequence. A similar effect could be made by using the song mode. (more on that below)

Song Mode

Song mode allows a similar behaviour to bias tracks, but doesn't occupy a track, and also allows other parameters to be automatically changed as well. Song mode enables scenes switching to be automated. You could program Scene 1 to play for 16 beats, followed by Scene 4 for 32 beats. In each case, playback can be transposed up or down by a specific number of semitones. Song mode can be enabled and disabled with the touch of a button.


CARBON supports up to 6 MIDI events per step. This can include note and CC data. Each note length and velocity is separately recorded.

Recording and Editing Notes

Notes can be recorded either in step recording mode when the sequencer is stopped, or in real-time recording mode. In both cases single notes, chords and CCs can be entered. In real-time recording mode the length of notes is also recorded and can be any number of musical ticks. The start of a note is always quantized to the nearest step.

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