NOS EL84 (6n14n) Power Tubes, Soviet Union Era. $49 price isfor 2 tubes, a tight matched pair. Price includes Shipping to USA, Canada +$8,Intl +$12. See my other listing for matched pairs quads. Read on for details andhistory.

Same specifications as the Sovtek EL84, though these weremanufactured Pre 1993, prior to the demise of the Soviet Union and the SovietUnion Military Industrial Complex. These Soviet Union Era EL84's produced byReflektor (in Saratov) were manufactured to military specifications and metmilitary quality standards (OTK certification). I receive these in unused 200ctbulk pack cartons and are of outstanding quality.

Reflektor produced several versions, this is the ‘Standard’or ‘No-Suffix’ version, labeled ‘6n14n’ with the flying saucer or fry pangetter (rather than the more common halo). These are what Dr Z ships in his newZ-Wreck, MAZ18 and MAZ8 amplifiers. These will work great where a sweet tonedEL84 is needed.

Each tube is tested, grouped, burned in, then measured.During the burn in the tubes will drift about 10% (it varies per tube), then stabilize. I then measure the tube with a MaxiMatcher II (both current andtransconductance), while simultaneously regulating voltage at 120v with avariac. This process yields repeatable accuracy and well match quads and pairs(2 point matched for both current and transconductance)
Why the Reflektor 6n14n? It started in 1994 when Ken Fischerof Trainwreck Amps stated in a Vintage Guitar Magazine Article that it was hisfavorite sounding EL84 available, and in fact he liked it better thaneverything except for the Vintage Telefunken. At the time, Tungsram and EIEL84’s were readily available (and affordable), as well as GE (which Matchlesswas using), yet Ken preferred the standard Grade EL84 sold by New Sensor, whichwas a rebranded Reflektor 6n14n.

The Soviet Union era Reflektor EL84/6n14n tone ischaracterized as having full mids and a sweet, detailed top end. When pushedinto overdrive the tone is warm and complex, with a harmonic character thatearned this tube its reputation. Its noteworthy to indicate that when Dr Z collaboratedwith Trainwreck to develop the Z-Wreck, Ken Fischer insisted on the SovietUnion era 6n14n. The 6n14n was required for the Z-Wreck to sound ‘right’, with‘right’ being a current production amplifier with Trainwreck Tone as requestedby Brad Paisley. This is not to say that the 6n14n is the greatest soundingEL84 for your amplifier, it may or may not be the sound your after, but if yourlooking for a full and sweet toned EL84 with a beautiful clean tone, and a harmonic richoverdrive, this is certainly a worthy contender.

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Brand Dr. Z
Model Matched Pair 1980's NOS Russian EL84 6n14n for Dr. Z Trainwreck Vox AC30
Finish Vintage Glass
Categories Amp Parts
Year 1980's
Made In Russian Federation

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