The ‘Shuttle Control’ is a truly unique 12-bit USB-MIDI to CV/Gate/Clock Converter that is freely configurable featuring 16 Arbitrary Assignable Channels. Use the USB Sockets to connect USB MIDI Keyboards and Class-Compliant USB MIDI devices. Use the Micro USB socket to connect a tablet with controller software that doesn’t need to be capable of MIDI - or even connect directly to a PC/MAC! Shuttle Control features simultaneous USB on-the-go device and host modes using a 120 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M3 CPU. No drivers are required for a direct connection to your MAC/PC or iOS devices. As the sockets provide for a +5V voltage you can use them with LED lamps. The Shuttle Control is capable of up to 8 voices of polyphony, polyphonic key aftertouch, no steps in CC voltages, MIDI clock, Tap Clock and many more MIDI events can be translated into CV. There is a web-based editor for editing presets.

Shuttle Control can also be used as a Power Supply + Power Distributor with internal MIDI/CV buss designed to supply one full row of all modules or a small modular system with a reserve of current - i.e. up to 1000mA from +12V rail, 600-700mA from -12V rail and up to 1000mA from +5V rail (delivers +5V into bus-board by default!). It is capable of supplying more modules, however keep in mind to calculate their overall power consumption. Powering too many modules will increase the temperature of Shuttle Controls backside. There are short-circuit, reversed DC jack pin-out and thermal overheating protections. If you wish to power the SC with a wall-wart make sure it fits the following specifications: 2.5mm center pin, 5.5mm outer diameter, center positive DC barrel plug, minimum 3 Amp, 12-20 Volts DC. We advise you to use a wall-wart power adapter that has a built-in short circuit protection. i.e., when there is shorting at one of its rails to ground it should shut off immediately.

Shuttle Control features two accurate 12 bit digital-to-analog converters. Each DAC is multiplexed afterwards into 8 channels at 10 kHz sampling rate per channel. Each of the CV outputs may be assigned to almost any useful MIDI message which will be converted into analog voltages or pulse sequences.

It is expected, that devices connected via USB are themselves USB MIDI class-compliant generic devices that do not require specific drivers to run. Those are most of USB-to-MIDI adapters, USB MIDI keyboards and controllers. Refer to the manual of certain hardware. By itself, Shuttle Control acts also as a generic device when is connected to MAC/PC or iPad, that means – no drivers are required and it will immediately appear in the list for your MIDI (or Core MIDI) hardware.

The web-editor is accessed via the following URL address: - It is a responsive interface and capable of running on your tablet. On the top you may see a list of presets from 0 to F to choose from. Below that each row from CV1 to CV16 defines appropriate output jack on the faceplate of the Shuttle Control. The next column defines the MIDI channel from which appropriate MIDI events should be transmitted into voltages. By default it is set to ONMI, which means MIDI events from any channel will be recognized. Using different MIDI channels may be useful when working with aDAW, when you play different melodies on different MIDI tracks assigned to appropriate MIDI channels and polyphonic voices. And here is where all the fun begins. The next column is a list of MIDI events that may be interpreted to appropriate output.

Shuttle Control uses System Exclusive (SysEx) data to store and edit presets into Standard MIDI File (*.mid) format. Saved .mid file extension may be renamed into .syx and loaded in same way in case you prefer using your SysEx managers that support .syx files only. All you need to load custom mappings into Shuttle Control is to play that midi file in any midi player choosing Shuttle Control as your  midi output device. 


  • Shuttle Control 12-Bit USB-MIDI-CV Converter and Power Supply + Power Distributor module
  • 16 Channels of Assignable Outputs with LED Indication for each
  • Selectable Pitch Modes to work with formats and CV scales: 1V/Oct, 1.2V/Oct, or Hz/V
  • Simultaneous USB on-the-go device and host modes using 120 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M3 CPU
  • Super slim & therefore Shuttle friendly
  • Internal PSU capable of working from cigarette lighter receptacles, rechargeable batteries or 12-20V AC-DC power adapter
  • No drivers are required for a direct connection to your MAC/PC or iOS devices
  • Up to 8 voices of polyphony, polyphonic key aftertouch, no steps in CC voltages, MIDI clock, Tap Clock and many more MIDI events can be translated into CV
  • Switched mode PSU
  • Web-based editor for editing presets
  • 1 Micro USB socket (to device)
  • 2 USB type B sockets (to host)
  • 1 inlet for external 12-20V DC Center-Positive Power Supply (Power supply isn not included)
  • Front Power Switch
  • Single Character Display
  • 2 Buttons for toggle and navigation of settings

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Shuttle Control USB MIDI to CV
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