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11/17/2018- I've relocated to the greater Portland Area and am no longer living in a basement apartment. As such, I've updated the listing with some photos in the natural light and cut the price.  Amp still sounds great.
I've looked all over the internet and can't find another of these discontinued amps for sale as a complete set, and the only listings of the head in this Tribal Version I can find are in rough shape in the bargain bins of online music gear marketplaces... as such, I'm listing the amp with the intention of negotiating- this deserves to go somewhere it will be appreciated for the unique and uncommon creature it is, and I'm sure there is someone out there keeping an eye out for one.  Talk to me- I can work with you on price or other considerations.

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Purchased in 2005, this tube monster is one of the ultimate tweaker rigs, with customizable options across the board.  Genz Benz guitar amps are different animals than anything else out there, and this is the crown jewel of their catalog. I am the only owner, and it has rested in the comfort of my folks' living room for much of the last decade.

This amp blurs the line between the sounds of Marshall, Fender, and Mesa.  The Warm channel can produce sparkly cleans with single coil pickups, made all the brighter with the gorgeous spring reverb tank (my favorite on any amp I've played). As the amp starts to break up, it moves seamlessly into the sounds of rock music, and in my experience, it takes pedals remarkably well. 

The Hot channel features the high gain sounds that can do everything save for maybe the most extreme of metal genres (I played in a hardcore/screamo band, then an indie rock band, without a hitch).  Two tone-shaping options, controllable from the included footswitch, allow on-the-fly sculpting of the compression and attack the amp produces.  And this thing rips, coming into it's own at higher volumes.  Once the active eq section is fully understood, you'll understand where the name comes from...

I will confess that, in composing this listing, I only now have digested the user manual for the first time.  There are features here that I never utilized nor was even aware of!  I will surely spend some time playing with it as it awaits a new home, for old time's sake... though I may need an attenuator since the landlords are right upstairs.  At the same time, my lease is up in November, and I haven't gotten a noise complaint since the band I last played in dissolved in 2012... you'll be getting an amp in excellent cosmetic and flawless functional condition, that I can guarantee.  Nothing else like it out there, and nowhere else will you find this full rig available for purchase, let alone in such gorgeous condition.

Contact me to discuss shipping.  This will be packed professionally and safely; I have shipped tape machines, mixers, and synthesizers to many happy buyers on Reverb, and I proudly stand behind my listings and customer service- the 5 star rating says it all.

-Dan Evans
Beacon Sound and Production

From Genz Benz:
• Pentode 60 Watt/Triode 30 Watt Output Section
• Two Versatile Tube Channels
• Four Button Footswitch Included
• Master Effects Loop
• Frequency Compensated D.I. Section
• Ruby Tubes® Long Pan Reverb
• GBE 1240-V75 Loudspeaker (combo version)
• Six Triode Preamp Stages (3-12AX7’s)
• Two Power Tubes (w/Ruby Tubes® EL 34’s)
• Military Spec. Double-sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Boards
• All Custom Wound Transformers
• Transformer Based Phase Inverter for Optimum Power Tube Grid Drive
• Heavy-duty Steel Chassis, Mounted within a Sturdy Birch Plywood Cabinet

The GENZ BENZ EL DIABLO 60 contains a unique combination of circuits, including vintage tube circuits, carefully
engineered “hot-rod” tube circuits and advanced tone shaping techniques. EL DIABLO 60 delivers unique tone, drive
and versatility, which is exemplified by the 10 distinctive tone variations easily accessible through the four button
footswitch (included). This flexibility allows endless possibilities to craft your own personal repertoire of tone and
The unique PENTODE / TRIODE design of the tube amplifier adds to the versatility of the EL DIABLO 60—
essentially 2 different amps in one!! In the 60-watt PENTODE MODE the amp responds with its bold, “spanky”, rich clean tone and classic overdrive sustain, all the way into aggressive Hi Gain brutality and all points in between.
With the 30-watt TRIODE MODE the El Diablo 60 produces a more vintage, fuller, fatter tone with a more dynamic
response and increased power tube break-up with a darker complexity. Experimentation with all of this flexibility will reward you with a tremendous tonal pallet for your specific playing style or song selection.

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Excellent (Used)
Genz Benz
El Diablo 60/30 TS & TS212
Guitar Heads, Guitar Cabinets

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