Courtney Love Owned/ Played Fender Custom Shop/ Master-Built Prototype Venus,  90's Lollapalooza

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This is a rare opportunity to bid on Courtney Love's Fender prototype Venus guitar from the 90's, played during her days with Hole shortly after the passing on Kurt. This guitar was rocked out with by her! Built at Fender USA Custom Shop (Artist Relations)

This is a rare guitar and a historic piece as Courtney and Bonnie Raitt were the fist two women to have fully custom guitars built for them from the custom shop. It was built by Mr. Larry Brooks (one of the first at the Fender Custom Shop, and the head of Fender Artist relations). His builds are simply the best. Before this project with Courtney, he worked with Kurt Cobain to build the Fender Jag-Stang.  

This is from the included signed letter by Larry Brooks (Fender master-builder--built the guitar):

"Regarding Courtney Love’s guitar: I was the Artist Relations Builder at Fender during the 90’s when I built/designed this guitar, serial number CN402003. It was owned and played by Courtney Love. I worked closely with her to build this prototype. It was 1 of 3 guitars that were built for her during that time period. Fender model “Venus” is what ensued.

  Courtney played this guitar during many of her shows, including Lollapalooza (see photo). During one show the guitar was dropped/broken and someone, presumably her guitar tech, re-glued the headstock. The guitar has been left as it was when it came to me.

  I designed this ballsy-toned guitar to include many custom aspects, like the bound custom shaped neck, matching painted headstock, absence of a volume knob, custom shape pick-guard, custom body shape, and strings that flare over the tune-o-matic bridge through the body. I designed the custom body shape. At the request of Courtney’s manager, a volume knob was left out of the build because she apparently would keep turning it up louder and louder.  

I used Fender U.S.A. Custom Shop decals with my name on it for artist guitars. There is one on Courtney’s guitar underneath the finish on the back of the headstock."

The guitar will be sent in it's custom G&G case.

  It even has the last strings on it that were played by C.L. It also has all of the original pick scratches and other elements from her playing. Pretty cool!

The signed Larry Brooks letter is included, and Larry has offered the new owner his time to discuss this guitar and stories that go with it.

The amp is in no way part of the auction.

The photos show the guitar in the Fender factory. This guitar is sitting on Larry's bench. That was his bench at Fender. This is a guitar with elements from a Stratocaster and even a Les Paul.

Guitar will be insured and properly packaged. Please email me with questions.

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Prototype Venus, Courtney Love Owned Played
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