Mint condition/near brand new/excellent+++ RG 2228 w/OHSC and the best mods/upgrades/electronics that exist for 8 string ERGs. Not so much as a noticeable or discernible flaw. I wear glasses/contacts, but I can't find a scratch on it, save a little matchhead chip on the lower horn, but its on the back bottom portion that sits/rests against your knee, and its covered by your leg, and again, its on the back, bottom, lower horn corner so its basically invisible. i never noticed it until i put the guitar up for sale and inspected it today, and my wife pointed it out that i mention it as we are honest people, but most sellers wouldnt. that's also because not only am i not an ebay/online seller, but im honest. and you should know theres a mini little nick that you might not even see if i didnt mention it, but in any case, that aside, everything else is mint/factory condition. more importantly besides that its practically the same as buying it from a store, but I also put a lot into it as far as MODS/UPGRADES: 1) BEST ACTIVE CUSTOM PICKUPS! 8 string ERG pups are very limited in as far as the choices. To clarify, there are a lot of terrible pickups, and most of those are the most popular pickups youll get recommended by a teenage forum member on 7string, and there are also some medium quality ones (EMG 808 for example, its an amazing pickup as far as build quality but really bad when applied tonally, in other words it sounds better on paper than in a plugged in situation). There are literally less than a handful of OUTSTANDING pups The best, in order, are the EMG 81-8 (for the bridge; 85-8 for neck), the Seymour Duncan Blackout [8 string] Bridge, and Lundgren M8. Despite the nonsensical and completely unfounded biased opinions you can read about ERGs from 7string forum (, one thing that the whiners over there might have a point about in regards to EMGs is that the 808 is not a great pup. It's not as bad as they say, but it certainly doesn't belong in the best 8 string guitar ever made.* Now, I had a special endorsement deal in the works with EMG, and Chrys Johnson (A&R head) made me the first, one of a kind, EMG 81/85 set for the 8 string ERG, custom designed from fit (to the rg2228) to the tonal/eq properties. I asked for a scooped profile (moderate bass, minimal mids, and boosted his) based on the EMG 81/85 set for the 6 string. So while I didn't co-create them as Im not an engineer or a tech, I did give the template and specs and they did it! (I am no longer affiliated with them). They took my custom pickups to create the production EMG 81-8/85-8. This 2228 has the SEYMOUR DUNCAN BLACKOUT 8 STRING BRIDGE AND The EMG 85-8 IN THE NECK! That's right: you have the best of both worlds, the best neck pickup and the (second) best bridge. The 85-8 is a great pickup, i mean really beautiful, specifically for cleans/rhythms and leads/solos in the neck position. It is the 8 string version of the EMG 85, but with a little boost to the hi end with a little drop in mids, as I specified to EMG when they built em for me. Now the Seymour Duncan Blackouts 8 string Bridge pup is ALMOST as good as the 81-8. The 81-8 is not only my favorite because the EMG 81 is the best pickup made for metal (and jazz), but its also an 81-8 w/ my tonal input that was the basis for the 81-8's result. I basically am the artist behind the engineering, but Chrys screwed up seeing as he's not a guitarist/artist, but a scout, and just totally missed the bigger picture. I don't like to work with people that don't know what they're doing when they're supposed to be experts, and Chrys is head of artist relations at the best electronics/hardware company for the electric guitar, and he not only lacks ability and taste, he also can't hear too good lol. (go watch the EMG JH set demo video from EMG TV on youtube and watch the most interesting display of horrible guitar performance ever, like its not only funny because how bad he is considering hes the head of scouting artists, but he actually makes you want to NOT buy the set, which you shouldnt btw, if you have any taste, and stick with the ZW (zakk wylde) set. So there you have it: the 85-8 is worth $130 and its a brand new pickup, but this is CUSTOM MADE EMG just for me, and the prototype first one of the 85-8. The blackouts bridge is honestly, the closest ive ever heard to another pickup being as good in the bridge as the 81. I always had a hard time admitting that seymour duncan outdid the original creators, but with the 808 tragedy, im actually proud of seymour duncan for really pushing the envelope so far that I would say that I don't mind leaving EMG altogether for the blackouts. Now, you might be asking yourself, " i get the SD blackout bridge is almost as good as the custom 81-8 he has, and its definitely on par to match with the 85-8 custom thats included, but wait....what about the 81-8?" well that, the Custom EMG 81-8, I cannot give up/away with this guitar. If you REALLY want it, Ill consider selling it with it if you ask/message, otherwise, this is the single greatest 8 string pickup that exists for the electric guitar, better than the Lace Deathbucker, Lundgren m8, and any pickup you can think of (again, don't even think of BKP, bare knuckle, pickups because they are nowhere near the products from EMG, Lace and Lundgren, and if you did think of them first when i said "best 8 string pup," please do yourself a favor and spend less time on sevenstring before you lose not only your chops and musical ability and taste, but also your soul (lol! haha). therefore, i wont just GIVE away EMG's custom work that i asked them to do (besides, I have another 8 string id like to use it in, and while i dont mind giving someone the custom 85-8, the 81-8 was very hard to develop with Chrys and Rick and its important and special to me) 2) EMG RPC - now this is the coolest little mod/upgrade to hit the world of music technology considering we are living in the sub-zero tuning universe of the ERG. Now most 8 string pickups are just plain poor. The medium pickups, Dimarzios and Duncans (not active blackouts), are OK, but you will always be looking for more, they will always leave you asking for more. They can't break through the distortion, overdrive, and the noise that is generated from such a big guitar with big pickups that are covering an extended range. So the pickups that I have in there are indeed the best available, but that didn't stop making them better. When i first started developing the 81-8/85-8 with Chrys and Rick at EMG, the first thing we tried was putting the 808 with a little suped up touch, the resonant peak control. its greatly boosts the hi/treble while simultaneously dropping the low/bass frequency. What does this mean for the ERG 8 stringer? No more worries, that's what. You can crank up the gain as high as you like because with my pickups and the RPC, you will never get lost drowning in the sea of mud. The EMG 808 Fix (the EMG with the RPC control) became another discovery of mine that contributed to the development of the 81-8/85-8, but it bore fruit of its own. the pickups with the RPC as so incredible pristine and clear that sometimes you have to dial it down. the RPC replaces the tone pot/control. the tone is cranked to 10, removed, and replaced with the RPC, which looks and basically acts the same as the tone. the difference is, the higher you increase the RPC/"tone" ,not only is it brighter and clearer because of the increase of high/treble frequency, but its simultaneously lowering the bass/low range frequency. So if you want to play very heavy ryhthms without too much brightness, you can dialit down to 0, but then if you want a lead to cut through the mix or if you really want to chug and play some power/open/barre chords down on the first position of the 8th string, you NOW CAN. Before the RPC, doing this with anything but maybe a Lundgren m8 would do little to fix the muddiness of the 8 string. The set i have in here, with the RPC, i would offer up , and bet on it, that it is the BEST sounding electric 8 string there is. NO BS, to the point that Id bet on it if you want. Recording is no longer an issue for clarity and for live playing its just so bright [3) Dimarzio Straplocks (optional) - if you want, Ill throw in dimarzio straplocks so that your 8 string never knows the feeling of the ground. lol.] 4) I will also include the original hard shell prestige case, which youll need for this beast, and the case alone is worth over $200. IF YOU ARE TRULY INTERESTED IN THE GREATEST 8 STRING GUITAR IN THE WORLD (besides a custom shop that will run over $3500), please get in touch with me to make arrangements for sale or a deal, or if you have anything to trade (only really really really really ultra high end stuff, and i mean REALLY high end stuff, nothing below $2000 unless its a used axe fx ii or kemper, preferably a powered kemper) email me at my GMAlL: CHRISTOPHERLISTING Thanks for reading and looking. All the best to you and yours on mothers day!!!Internationl/non us buyers/bidder must contact me before buying and must work with me to accept terms of sale. *In turn, anyone on sevenstring (or i could say everyone there) doesn't belong there, because in fact, none of them have any chops, talent or ability to recognize quality or talent, let alone have taste, but I digress (only to emphasize that anything that you read here or there that is in contradiction should assure you that what I am saying is objective, as opposed to fanboy rants of a front running teenager who plays electric guitar downtuned to Drop C "cuz its brootalz and you nead moar strings for djent....cos' 10 strings aint enuff....MOAR STRINGZ = DJENT," who in fact know nothing whatsoever about technique, tone, expression, creativity, and music in general.

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ConditionMint (Used)
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  • Custom active emg 85-8 8 string, blackouts, emg rpc
  • Mint with Hardshell Case
  • 1998

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