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The Boomerang Plus Phrase Sampler is essentially a digital audio recorder in a stomp box with several interesting capabilities and unique control features.

  • • You can create loops that will play indefinitely. 
  • • 2 independent loops are available, each can have its own decay rate. 
  • • Multiple parts can be layered to make a complex loop. 
  • • Loops can be played in reverse and layers can be added in forward or reverse. 
  • • The RangTM sampler has a mode for playing reverse leads live. 
  • • 5 slow playback rates are available. 
  • • 12 sample rates are available from 8 to 24KHz; all samples are 16 bits. 
  • • 7 decay rates are available, including no decay and slapback (1 repeat). 
  • • The behavior of several of the buttons can be changed to suit your style. 
  • • The RangTM sampler is a great pure delay effect, as well as a looper.

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Phase Sampler Plus II
Delay, Loop Pedals and Samplers
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United States


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