Original 1971 Rosewood Tele. Extremely rare. The Rosewood Tele is an iconic Beatles guitar. You may recognize it from the classic footage of the Beatles playing on the roof-top of Abby Road. These were only made from 1968-1972. Early models are solid heavy rosewood. This one is a later one and has a chambered body so it is light weight. It is much, much lighter than the one Harrison played. Harrison reportedly complained about the unbearable weight of his tele.
 The guitar is in beautiful condition! The only alteration is a new aged pickguard. The original guard is in the case but it was off-gassing, as many old guards do and is deteriorating (Interesting fact: old Rosewood Tele's were made with tortoise shell guards flipped up-side-down because Fender was not stocking black/white/black pickguard material at the time. This did not become popular until the mid 70's. It seems that tortoise shell plastic is ok when facing outward, but when it is facing the body, it reacts and deteriorates. You will also see this on old archtops and other guitars that have the tortoise touching the body). The new USA guard fits perfectly with no alterations to the guitars. The guitar shows very little playing wear. Original frets are in excellent condition. The guitar plays and sounds like a dream!!! Comes with an old case that appears to be original. It has yellow interior but no Fender logo.

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Rosewood Telecaster
Solid Body, Vintage (pre-1980)
Made In:
United States


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