Moog, Buchla and ARP. Roland, Korg and Yamaha. These illustrious brands and their legendary models, from the Minimoog to the Jupiter 8, came to define the look and sound of vintage synthesizers. As the availability and condition of these instruments has dwindled over time, their price has risen outside of many working musicians' budgets. Thankfully, many other brands were building synthesizers throughout the '60s, '70s and '80s, some based on their more pedigreed counterparts, others wildly inventive new designs. Manufacturers across the globe like Crumar, Polivoks, Teisco, Formanta and Kawai produced quirky takes on popular circuits with unique tones all their own. We've collected the best of these under-the-radar synths along with unsung models from larger brands to bring you the analog experience without the vintage inflation.