Roland JV Series Synthesizers & Expansion CardsBuying Guide

Overview of the JV Series keyboard and rackmount synthesizers, along with the associated expansion boards.

The Roland JV Series Synthesizers are absolute classics in the world of 1990s synthesis. Although not held in the same esteem as other Roland models—the Juno series, for example—the JV models have been a foundational sound for many modern and vintage artists including Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, Bruno Mars, Hans Zimmer, Depeche Mode, and Glen Ballard, just to name a few.

In addition to the wide variety of fantastic sounds from the keyboards and modules themselves, Roland released a series of 19 expansion boards, allowing players to dive even deeper into the world of the JV Series synthesizers.

Follow along with our guide below to explore the series and find just what you're looking for right here on Reverb.

JV Series Keyboard Synthesizers

Keyboard synths were the first models introduced in the series, beginning with the JV-80 in 1992.

JV Series Rack Synthesizers

Roland began offering rackmount versions of the JV Series synths, starting with the JV-1080 in 1994.

JV Series Expansion Boards

Enhance the capabilities of your classic synthesizer by plugging in additional features.

While the JV Series keyboard and rackmount synthesizer already come with may fantastic patches, the expansion boards allow for even further exploration of these classic synthesizer sounds. If you are unsure of which board is the right one for you, the three Experience expansion boards offer a sample of several different expansion boards in a single card.

Software Emulation

Legowelt Samplezzz Roland JV 2080

This emulation software features 322 samples from the 1997 Roland JV2080 Monster synth, featuring samples by Legowelt and prof.Dr.Dr.Elektrovolt. Load the sounds into your sampler of choice and play with JV2080, getting the essence of the instrument without having to spend vintage prices.