About Zorg:

Zorg Effects was founded in France in 2014 with the aim of crafting pedals with tons of features while trying to push pedals standards beyond the highest levels of fun!!!
13 originals designs are available such as a multi band overdrive, distortions, a fuzz, an octaver and enveloppe filters.
Zorg effects handcrafts effects pedals one by one in Toulouse, France. Only PCB production is sub-contracted. Everything else is soldered, mounted, crafted and tested by Zorg himself.
The pedals have rapidly spread across the musicians of the french scene: David Jacob (Trust), Nicolas Gardel, Julien Bitoun, Gérald Gimenez (7 weeks), Jules Ribis (Sec), Maxime Deplorte (Rémi Panossian/Stabat Akish),DOrian Dutech (Host/Headbangers).


Zorg pedals are all buildt with components specially selected for their audio or mecanicals qualities:
- Neutriks jacks
- 0,6w 5% metal film resistances
- Audio WIMA or Panasonic capacitances
- Alpha potentiometers and footswitchs
- Cermet trimmers