HDCustom Guitar Supply

It started with a Hail Mary pass. Running a small-town music shop in the online/catalog era is a hard gig. In 2006, after years of dwindling retail sales, we figured we’d give that newfangled internet thing a shot. We put three Leo Quan Badass II bass bridges up on eBay…….sold them in an hour. Lightbulb moment! We took our fat stack of eBay cash and bought….five Leo Quan Badass II bass bridges (You can see where this is going). Fast forward a decade (and a few more bass bridges), and we’re proud to supply musicians, repair shops, and manufacturers in over 100 countries worldwide.

At HDCustom Guitar Supply, our mission is simple. We want your guitar to play better. There’s music in you, and your instrument shouldn’t hold you back. We stock hardware for every budget, parts from dozens of industry-leading brands, and pickups from both major manufacturers and small boutique makers. Our in-house electronics shop produces a wide range of products- from simple components to the prewired pickguard of your dreams. We also stock a carefully-curated selection of instruments from makers both large and small. Our expert staff is here to assist you every step of the way.

We’re pretty lucky folk. The HDCustom Guitar Supply shop is located in a funky 1800s brick building on the frosty shores of Lake Superior. We get to go to work every day and eat, sleep, and breathe guitars. Sell ‘em, build ‘em, wrench on ‘em, play ‘em and sling a lot of parts. We spin classic vinyl all day, talk a little more guitar….and take the occasional skee-ball break. (Josh has the high score, Nate is close behind, Jennifer wants the damn machine out of her office.) It’s a good gig, and we owe it all to you. We’re honored that you’ve chosen us. How can we help make your guitar play better today?