How to Flange, According to Knobs and SolidGoldFX

SolidGoldFX's new Oblivion is a quad-flanger that stretches the possibilities of the effect. With four delay lines, you can create anything from through-zero flanging to ghastly swirls. Its a futuristic take on a classic effect.

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As Knobs' Scott Harper explains in his video above, to get a quad-flange effect in previous eras, you'd need five tape machines and a whole lot of toil to pull it off. In this way and others, the Oblivion is a gateway to the future of flange. But to understand the future, it's wise to look to the past—and all the various ways players can use the effect.

Harper breaks the flange down to its constituent parts, and shows how it can be a building block toward any number of creative sounds. In doing so, he hits on the history of the effect as well.

It's a story Reverb has touched on before, with Dave Hunter's "When Modulation Went Wild and Dirt Got Loud" and in our upcoming documentary The Pedal Movie. As it always does, Knobs brings its own imaginative visual-audio skills to bear on this history.

Once you've learned all about the effect, you'll see just how powerful the new Oblivion can be: changing waveforms, multiplying your tempo, or working in lo-fi mode, with all the classic flange sounds as well.

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Want to learn more about the history of pedals? You're in luck. The Pedal Movie—Reverb's first feature-length documentary—will soon be released. Click here to see the trailer.

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