1959 Fender Jazz Bass Prototype - Appeared on the book 'The Fender Bass' by Klaus Blasquiz

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For sale, 1959 Fender Jazz Bass prototype

This is rare opportunity to own one of historical pieces of electric bass history. This is not repro or modified model, it's original prototype Jazz bass built by Fender Factory at Fullerton California. This bass is appeared on P23 of the book, The Fender Bass by Klaus Blasquiz.

In July, 2016, this bass was brought to Fender Custom Shop, Corona, California for inspection by Jason Smith, Master Builder of Fender Custom Shop. From inspection, detailed material data and pictures were successfully archived. As a result of inspection, this bass was acknowledged as one of original Fender Jazz Bass prototype models by Fender Custom Shop.

About Jazz Bass prototype;

Before Fender introduced Jazz Bass production model with stack knob configuration in 1960, prototype model was built in 1959 with Jazzmaster like pickups and three knob configuration. Few prototype models were made (possibly 3~7 or so) and this one would possibly be only existing prototype model in 21st century.

More info about Fender Jazz Bass prototype can be found from these books below.

P194(Pic only), P203 and P204

The Fender Bass An Illustrated History HAL・LEONARD

This specific prototype Jazz Bass for sale is appeared on the books below.

The Fender Bass by Klaus Blasquiz

The Fender Archives: A Scrapbook of Artifacts, Treasures, and Inside Information by Tom Wheeler
The picture of this bass is featured on one of included posters among with other Fender bass pics.

Due to foreign custom/documentation this sale is for US domestic only. This bass can be shipped only for US states.

*This sale includes original brown tolex case and the red volume knob. 


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Cet article est vendu « en l'état » et ne peut pas être retourné sauf s'il est dans un état différent de ce qui est décrit ou photographié.

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